How to Deal with Snow and Ice Build up in Your Driveway

How to Deal with Snow and Ice Build up in Your Driveway







Winter in Toronto is serious business! We experience extremely harsh temperatures and snowstorms, resulting in dangerous ice and snow buildup. Are you ready to deal with snow and ice removal in your driveway this winter? Here are a few options to consider when getting ready to tackle the mounds of snow outside your door.

Get an Early Start

Before you decide upon any method of snow removal, it’s important to make sure you get outside to deal with the buildup as early as possible. Fresh, loose snow is much easier to move than hard-packed snow that has experienced traffic. Removing the snow as early as possible allows sunlight to melt any ice, making it easier to prevent possible over-night refreezing.

Snow Blowers

Snow blowers are an easy and fast way to clear the snow from your driveway and surrounding areas. Snow blowers work by using a spinning auger to scoop up snow, shooting the snow out of an exit chute. When shopping for a snow blower, you may want to check out companies like Hitch City to get the best snow blowers that will best meet your equipment  needs.

Deicing Salts

Although chemical deicers such calcium or sodium chloride can be a cost-effective option for managing snow and ice removal, they do present some drawbacks. First of all, sodium chloride is ineffective at temperatures of -7 °C and below. Additionally, it can leach into the soil or groundwater, causing toxic changes to the environment. Calcium chloride is effective in nearly all frigid temperatures, but can leave a slippery residue. It’s considered less harmful to the environment, but is more expensive than traditional salt.


This is probably the least popular form of snow removal. Unless you have kids who can take on this arduous task, you’ll have to suit up, stretch and get ready for a workout. While shoveling, be aware of where you pile snow. Take care not to obstruct pathways, cars or neighboring property. Drink plenty of water and rest frequently, as cold weather may make you less attentive to dehydration or overexertion.

Investing in snow removal equipment makes the most sense for Toronto residents. Why risk environmental damage from using deicing agents, or a possible back injury from shoveling snow? Invest in a snow removal tool you can rely on for years to keep your driveway safe and snow-free!


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