How to Handle Phone Calls From Prospective Tenants

If you are still trying to develop a script or at least some general content that can be used when talking to prospective tenants on phone, then it is important to consider the best ways how to handle phone calls from prospective tenants.  Fortunately, there are a few simple tips that you can use to make dealing with possible tenants on the phone much easier.

1.    Always Focus on the Property
One of the most important things to do when you are on the phone with a prospective tenant is to always bring the conversation back to the property.  While they will like ask a few questions about the property, most of the focus will likely be brought back to the cost of rent, deposits, and other detail-oriented issues.  By steering the conversation back towards the property, you are constantly building more value into the property.  In the end, the more they like the property (before they ever step foot on it), the easier it will be to get them to agree with the monthly rent and any additional fees.

2.    Special Amenities Are a Great Way to Build Value
The special amenities are what builds value into your property.  Every rental property includes a floor, walls, and a roof.  It is the special amenities and features that make people want to live there.  It is always a great idea to have a list of the most popular amenities near the phone or built into your phone script so that you don’t forget to talk about them.  If your rental property has a lot of features, try to focus on the top 5 or 6 and leave the rest as a surprise.  This will both peak their initial interest, as well as maintain it once they actually show up for the property tour.

3.    Know the Facts About the Area
While not all prospective tenants will want to know about the surrounding area, a majority of them will.  There is no faster way to show your future tenants that you know nothing about the property than to not have the basic information about the surrounding areas.  For example, there are certain topics that parents will tend to ask before they move into a rental, such as the school system, how “quiet” the area is, and how safe it is.  Just as you should highlight the best on-site amenities, you should also highlight off-site amenities and conveniences  It is impossible to know how to handle phone calls from prospective tenants if you don’t understand your property and the surrounding areas.

4.    Collect Information and Set Expectations
Once you have built up the value of a rental property, the final portion of the call should achieve two goals – collect the callers personal information (if you haven’t already) and let them know what you will expect from them.  In terms of personal information, you will likely want their full name, current address, phone number, and email address.  This will ensure that you can always contact them and even add them to your email newsletter, which will not only keep them interested but potentially help your word-of-mouth marketing efforts.  In terms of expectations that you should set, you should let prospective tenants know all of the information that you will need from them.  If they bring it with them, you know that they are not only interested in the property, but it also makes it easier to close the deal on their first visit.

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