How to Help Your Lawn Survive a Winter of Frost and Snow

The frigid winter months can wreak havoc on your lawn, and your healthy grass could die in a matter of weeks once the weather starts to cool off. Here is a quick look at some simple tips and tricks that you can use to protect your lawn during inclement weather.

Fertilize and Aerate

One of the most important steps in caring for your lawn is regularly fertilizing the grass. A few weeks before the first frost of the season, you should aerate the soil and then apply a fertilizer that was specifically designed for your region and the species of grass that is on your property. If you don’t know what type of fertilizer to use, then you might need to pick up a soil testing kit at a local home improvement store.

Clear Away Leaves and Debris

There are a few different reasons why your lawn needs to be completely free of debris when the weather is cold outside. When leaves sit on the grass for too long, the moisture won’t evaporate, and that will eventually result in mold.

You should also be wary of leaving holiday decorations on your grass for more than a few days at a time. Those types of objects should be moved to new locations at least once every week. Freezing temperatures are going to weaken your grass, and having people walk across the lawn or leave objects on the grass could quickly damage the blades and roots.

Lower Your Lawnmower Blade

While you won’t need to mow your lawn as often once the weather cools off, it will still need to be cut at least a few times. After you are done aerating, fertilizing, and cleaning up the debris, you might want to lower your lawnmower blade and clip the grass. By cutting the grass a little shorter, you will give the younger blades a much better chance of growing up healthy and strong.

Work with a Turf Care Team

You should be able to carry out basic lawn maintenance on your own, but there may come a point when you need to contact a turf management team. Many of those companies have service plans that will help you take care of your lawn throughout the year, and their packages are usually relatively inexpensive. They often include vital maintenance tasks such as regular aeration, fall fertilization, weeding, and mold control.

Too often, people ignore their lawns during the coldest months, which can lead to problems the following year. Take care now to protect your lawn from the harsh conditions, and keep these tips in mind when temperatures start falling again next year.

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