How To Increase Curb Appeal and Lower Cooling Costs

Your home’s exterior makes a distinct statement. Naturally, you want that statement to make a good first impression. There are specific renovations you should consider for the exterior that will improve your home’s curb appeal while also saving you money on energy costs.


Add New Siding


New siding is a quick way to update the look of your home. Not all siding is equal, however. There are several materials to choose from and each has its own benefits. Wood siding is beautiful and can add rustic appeal. However, it is not very insulating and often it requires more upkeep, such as painting, than other types of siding.


Many homeowners opt for vinyl or fiber-cement siding, instead, due to easier maintenance. Neither fiber-cement siding nor vinyl siding require frequent painting, and both can be found in attractive wood grain styles and a variety of colors.


Vinyl or fiber-cement siding help insulate your home. When the summer sun heats things up, insulating siding helps keep your home cooler. This reduces the cooling load on your air conditioner and saves you money. Companies such as Rescue Roofing & Siding can help you choose the best siding to match your budget, your style and your home’s needs.


Restore Your Roof


An old roof in bad repair detracts from a home’s beauty and increases energy costs. If hail damage or simple age has left holes in the roof, you also risk costly water damage.


In winter, a bad roof can mean your home’s heat easily escapes up through the rafters. In summer, the sun’s rays beating down on a poorly insulated roof can heat up your home. You will give your home extra visual appeal, protect it from roof leaks, and decrease your energy bill by adding a new roof.


Choose from asphalt shingles, tile, slate, wood shake or metal. The best roofing material depends partly on your home’s location and the amount of sunlight your roof gets. Shaded roofs will be more prone to algae, moss and mildew. Therefore, shingles in materials resistant to these, or easily cleaned, should be used rather than wood.


Alternatively, you can have special roof coatings applied. Some are mildew resistant and reflect sunlight to keep your home cooler.


For extra protection against hot summer days, ask a contractor to add a radiant barrier. These are installed underneath the roof, and they add an extra measure of insulating protection.


Adding new siding, a new roof, or extra features such as a radiant barrier, requires an investment of time and money. However, that investment is worth it due to what you save on energy and the new pride you can feel about your home. In addition, if you decide to sell your home, these features provide a strong selling point.

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