How to Keep Your Antiques Safe and Secure

How to Keep Your Antiquities Safe and Secure





If you have valuable antiques, it’s important to keep them safe and secure. Antiques are typically 100 years old or older. They can be fragile and showing signs of wear from age. Many antiques have been passed down through generations as family heirlooms with sentimental or historical value.

Everything will deteriorate over time, but you can control how quickly that happens. Proper care will protect your antiques from further damage and extend their life. Here are some ways to keep your antiques safe and protected.

1. Containers

For smaller items like china, household items, clothing and jewelry, store them in containers. When items aren’t kept in closed containers, they are exposed to light, heat, air, humidity, dirt and dust. Over time, these elements will cause harm and speed up the deterioration process. Containers, available in a variety of materials from wood to plastic, are easy to find. Choose a size that fits your storage needs.

2. Archive

Paper items like old photographs, documents, letters, newspapers, posters and artwork should be kept in plastic sleeves or storage boxes that are “acid free.” Archival, acid free materials are chemically stable, durable and permanent. They resist dirt, dust and light to safely preserve important paper items. Plastic sleeves and boxes come in various sizes. Boxes have reinforced corners and stack easily without crushing.

3. Photograph

Keep records in case your antique items get lost, damaged or destroyed. Taking photographs will document the condition of your valuables for insurance purposes if needed. For large items like furniture, musical instruments, clocks and household items, use a digital or 35mm camera and take shots of all sides. For important documents, letters or newspaper articles, scan them so they are readable. Historical value is lost if you can’t read a document clearly.

4. Storage

Whether your antiques are large and bulky or small and fragile, storing them in a safe, secure place is essential. Consider renting a storage unit in Columbus, Ohio or in your local area to keep your valuables protected. Most storage units and antique vaults offer secured protection from theft and external damage. They are typically climate controlled and monitored by TV safety equipment 24 hours a day. It’s important to store antiques, especially wooden items, in a climate controlled, dust free environment to prevent rot and decay.

Valuable antiques have timeless qualities that should be cherished. With proper care to keep them safe and secure, they can be enjoyed for many years. Protect your antiques and treat them as priceless possessions that can’t be replaced.

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