How to Know When to Change the Air Filter in Your Home

People may take the inside air quality of their homes for granted. They may not ever think about their air filters or how often these fixtures need to be replaced. However, letting filters wait too long between replacements can be hazardous to a home’s indoor air quality, as well a family’s budget. Knowing when to change your air filters can help you enjoy your homes better and save money on your utility and home repair costs.

Dirty Filters Make Your Home’s Air Unhealthy

When the filters are dirty, they cannot filter out pollutants, bacteria, and fungi that come in through the home’s ventilation systems. These agents that get into your home pollute your indoor air and reduce its quality. People in your family who have lung problems, such as asthma or COPD, may have a difficult time breathing and even may have to use their medications more often.


Dirty Filters Make Your Ventilation System Work Harder

When your filters are clogged, your ventilation system must work harder to get the air that is needed inside your home. Systems that must work harder are subject to overheating and even total malfunctioning. Repairing a ventilation system can be costly and beyond your financial means. If you cannot pay a contractor to fix you central air conditioning systems, you may have to suffer in a hot house until you save enough cash. Replacing your filters can save you from this expense.

Clogged Filters Raise Your Energy Costs

Filters that are clogged also raise your electric and gas bills. Without proper ventilation, your home may be uncomfortable even with the air conditioner or heat is running. When your system works harder to cool off or heat up your house, your bills are higher because of this increased use of energy. You can lower your utility costs by replacing your filters every few months.

Clogged Filters Cause Environmental Damage

When your ventilation systems work overtime, you are contributing to environmental damage by not replacing your filters. Systems that work too hard use a lot of natural energy and send out harmful emissions into the atmosphere. If you are concerned about the environment and want to help keep your house environmentally friendly, you can accomplish this by changing your filters.

The simple act of changing your filters can prevent you from having to pay for expensive utility bills and repairs. It can also help loved ones with breathing problems and help you enjoy your home more.

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