How to Make a Checklist for House Hunting

When it comes to searching for a perfect home, there is no golden recipe. Everyone’s needs are different and everyone’s checklist will look different, so instead of trying to find the perfect one, you should focus on learning how to make one tailored for you. It’s not difficult, but you do need to give it attention and care. The best thing is to sit down with everyone who will be living in the house and talk about it together, to make sure that everyone is satisfied with the final result. Here are the things you should be focusing on:

The must-haves

The first thing on your list are the things that you absolutely cannot go without. When creating this part of the checklist, try to be honest with yourself. Think about the things you need in everyday life and find a home that is suited for the lifestyle you have, not the one you want. Putting a room for exercise and yoga on the top of the list, when you can barely squeeze in a few minutes daily to commit is probably not the best idea. Be realistic and be strict – you will have plenty of space to put everything you want later, but for now, stick to what you need. This should include all the bedrooms, bathrooms, offices if you work from home, an outdoor space if you have pets and enough storage space for the whole family. This should be on the top of your priority list and each home you see should have those checked.

The luxuries

Everything that comes below the priority list are different luxuries that you’d like to have but aren’t a priority. This should be discussed by everyone who will be living there, since you most likely won’t be able to satisfy everyone’s individual wants, and you should be focusing on the ones that overlap on everyone’s lists. This can be additional rooms or outdoor space, a specific floor plan, furnishing, a style you like or anything else that is not essential, but would be nice to have. Understand that most of these won’t be able to be fulfilled, but even getting one or two things off this checklist is a success.

Willingness to remodel

When looking through at all the potential homes, you might not see exactly what you want and that is why it is important to see the potential a home can have. If you don’t want to spend time on renovations and remodels, then you might have to pay a lot more to get exactly what you want, but sometimes you can buy a home that isn’t as perfect, but can become the dream home with very few changes. Often it can be a good idea to bring with you an expert – an architect or remodeler – who can tell you exactly what can and can’t be done. Try to not look for the specific idea that you have in your head, but rather approach each home with an open mind and let it inspire you.

Find a good agent

Finding a good real estate agent is the key to finding a good home. You want to find someone who is willing to work with you to find the best possible home, not just get as much money off of you. They should be able to advise you on the best moves, present you with different options in different areas, while still staying relevant to your wishes. They should show you all the display homes you need to get inspired and find the perfect one for you. If you feel like your agent is not giving you the best advice, or isn’t doing all they can to make sure you get the perfect home, you should ask the company for a different agent, or simply ask the person to show you only the places that match your requirements. A good agent will make your house-hunting journey an exciting and enjoyable experience, not exhausting and frustrating.

Remember that a home is made by the people who live in it, and what is much more than the walls and the décor is the atmosphere that exists in a home, but by making a checklist and getting a good agent you will be setting yourself up for success and a good and happy home.

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