How To Make Sure Your Home Is Ready For The Heat In 4 Easy Steps

Plenty of homeowners know that it is important to prepare your home for the winter, from wrapping pipes to installing insulation around doors. However, very few homeowners know that your home must also be prepped for sweltering summer temperatures. Here are four easy ways to ensure your home is prepared to withstand the heat and keep in the cool this summer.

Try Green Bug Repellent Methods

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests that summer brings. Fortunately, they can be repelled with the use of flowers you’ll see at any botanical store. Plants like citronella, marigolds, horse-mint, catnip, and ageratum are all mosquito repellent plants that also make lovely additions to any garden or flower box, without using harsh chemicals that hurt the environment. Solar-powered bug zappers are also a great way to kill annoying gnats and flies at night using clean energy.

Ceiling Fans, Curtains, and Blinds

Adjusting your ceiling fan to rotate counter-clockwise can do wonders for your home. In the winter, a clockwise fan will keep your home warmer by constantly cycling the toasty warm air back down to your living areas. This should be reversed in the summer so that the fan can pull the sweltering heat up and out of the room. Also, open windows can create a ‘magnifying glass’ effect, making you the bug! Close blinds and curtains to keep the scorching sunlight out, and your home will cool off by a few degrees.

Be Smart About Appliances

Appliances can add a significant amount of heat to the home. Stoves should be used in the morning, when outside temperatures are cooler and there is less impact on the house– microwaving the food later will generate a lot less heat. Dryers, washers, refrigerators, and even large computer hard drives should have their vents checked and cleared of dust, to prevent hot air from being blown back in the house by clogged pipes.

Air Conditioning

Most importantly, you should get your air conditioner checked for dust, freon levels, and overall functionality before summer gets fully underway. A brief look at your AC unit can prevent major problems during the worst of the heat, and will give you time to do any repairs and even plant shade trees, if needed. When it comes to air conditioning repair Oklahoma City has great options for AC maintenance and repairs.


“Summer-proofing” your home is necessary to prepare for the extreme temperatures. Although it can take some time, it is definitely worth the hassle. No one wants to spend their summer miserable, sweaty, and sticky, and with these tips you’ll be cool and relaxed in the comfort of your own home!

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