How To Make The Backyard Of Your Dreams

How To Make The Backyard Of Your DreamsFor those who have decided to reinvent their backyard and turn it into a space they can use for entertaining, relaxation, or even serious outdoor cooking, the first question on their minds is usually, where do I begin? Regardless of its proportions, a backyard can be transformed into an oasis from the world outside. This may require hard work, determination, and planning, but dream-backyard can become reality-backyard by the end of the season.

Architectural or Large-Scale Features

The best place to begin in terms of design plans is with the big stuff – pools, decks, gazebos, ponds and water features, or large tree or stone installations. These are things that are difficult to move later if their placements turns out less than ideal. For those who intend to spend time entertaining, decks or natural stone patios work well, but for avid swimmers, nothing beats a pool. A large gazebo can house an outdoor kitchen or hot tub, like those available through retailers like Bullfrog Hot Tubs and many home improvement stores. Nature lovers might prefer a serene pond for Japanese koi.

Connecting the Elements

For larger backyards especially, homeowners will want to consider how their new backyard features connect with the rest of their property and home. For those who favor more natural choices, flagstone or gravel pathways are excellent options. Many people are now eschewing more man-made materials like brick or tile in favor of these. For even more minimalist designs, sod or colored mulch pathways can be trendy ways to get from point A to point B in the backyard.

Fire and Stone

Fire pits have made a comeback, along with high-end backyard kitchens and outdoor pizza ovens. Easier on the budget than a full kitchen and much cozier too, fire pits invite guests to roast marshmallows, make s’mores, and tell ghost stories. That said, nothing beats cooking a multi-course meal just steps away from the pool or koi pond. The pizza oven alone would make any backyard the talk of the neighborhood. A stone oven can be used for other dishes as well, including many hearty Mediterranean favorites.

What makes a dream backyard is often in the eye of the beholder, but many of these most welcome upgrades can certainly evoke notions of the paradisaical. These are additions that can change not just the appearance of a backyard, but the entire purpose for its existence in the eyes of those who get to enjoy it most.

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