How To Make Your Home and Landscape Earth Friendly

How To Make Your Home and Landscape Earth Friendly

A home that has landscaping that looks great and is beneficial to the environment is very important to many. However, it can be challenging for people to following through on those desires. Homeowners can take some steps in order to have landscaping that is friendly to the earth.

Go Native
When it is time to invest in new plants for a yard, go with native plants instead of exotic plants from different parts of the country or world. Native plants have been in the area for centuries and are used to the type of climate in which a homeowner lives. Besides this, native plants are used to soil content and the water level that the area regularly receives. Furthermore, native plants do not need as much care that non-native plants do. Finally, native plants are more resistant to pests and other diseases that can inflict exotic plants.

Go Fresh
Fresh, natural water can make a huge difference in landscaping. Plants like natural water as compared to water from a spout. After all, rainwater is free from chemicals and is natural. Storing rainwater does not have to be difficult. More and more homeowners are using barrels to contain rainwater. Others prefer to use an irrigation system that directly diverts natural water to plants and shrubs. Although irrigation can be challenging to install, contacting a professional like Alair Homes in Regina can definitely help. Speak with experts like Regina custom home builders to understand how implement design ideas to create the perfect home for you.

Find A Friend
Companion planting is a great way for gardens and vegetation to get help, protection and encouragement from other plants without homeowners turning to harmful chemicals. Tomatoes can provide a determent to certain moths from laying eggs on cabbage. Marigolds can be quite effective in controlling certain insects as well as nematodes, which is found in the roots of melons.

Think Hard
Homeowners often overlook the fact that they can use bricks and natural stone to create a wonderful look that is friendly to the environment. Stone obviously does not need water, but it does look nice. Furthermore, old bricks and concrete can be reused to help divert water to a certain area in a yard or enhance a look. Specialists doing Regina home renovations will have other methods by which they can accomplish your desires.

According to the Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association, making a yard friendly to the earth takes time. People can have the results that they want and need, but they have to plan first. The results from the work are worth it.


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