How to Make Your Home Ready for a Positive Inspection

A home inspection can create a lot of stress for homeowners. Whenever an appraisal is imminent, comprehensive inspections are a required part of the process of buying and selling a home. In many US states, the home inspection insures home buyers that no major repairs go undiscovered before the sale becomes final. Here we will explore some great ways to get your home ready for a positive outcome after inspection.

Home Inspection

What to Look for to Make Your Home “Inspection Ready”

In order for your home to be ready for a positive inspection, it’s important to know the details of issues considered the responsibility of the seller. For example, in some areas, the seller of a home must insure that there are railings on all stairs at the front and back entrance to a home. In other areas, home owners are required to submit all data on roof, siding, water heater and furnace replacements as these are considered major necessities for valid terms of sale. In most states, frayed or exposed electrical wiring is also part of a home inspection that can result in a negative rating or delay the sale. This also applies to piping that transports water or may be connected to heating or cooling units.

When getting ready for an inspection make sure to check all of these areas and your specific location’s code for proper maintenance. The appraiser will help you address areas that might be a little more specific but you can do a lot of the inspection and even repairs by yourself beforehand.


Making Repairs before the Inspection

The simplest way to insure a positive inspection is to create a list of items that may need checking based on state, county and local inspection requirements. The next step is to repair pipes that show signs of corrosion, leaks or damage. To save homeowners time, an electrician or Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc contractor can assist with a basic inspection. Be sure to make the contractors aware of the purpose for their inspection. Most of these professionals have extensive knowledge in preparing a home for a positive inspection and can greatly assist in this area. Homeowners find that with professional assistance, that their repairs can be made quickly and in time for the inspection. In most cases, the repairs are done subsequent to professional inspections.


When a home receives a great inspection, the sale proceeds without delay and may result in a higher home appraisal. You can really use this information as a bargaining chip in negotiations. It takes an objective eye to know which areas in a home might receive a negative rating. Often, the familiarity of various areas of the home leads to overlooking issues an appraiser observes quickly.

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