How to Recover After a Flooded Basement

If your basement has flooded, there are a number of things on your mind. Your first thoughts are of course going to be about how you can get the water out of the affected area, but after that, you need to consider how you salvage the items that were in your basement. Take a moment to learn more about what you can do to keep your items safe and sound even if your basement has been flooded.


Open Up

When you have just recently been dealing with flooding, the key to making sure that things start getting back to normal is going to be air circulation. Wait until the sun comes out, and then open up every door and window in your apartment. This is a good way to make sure that the air circulation and the sunlight can come in and kill off any incipient mold spores.


Call the Insurance Company

Right after you can see the flood, make sure that you contact your insurance company. Take pictures so that they can see what you were dealing with even after you start to clean up, and make sure that they are fully informed every step of the way. This is a good way to keep everyone on the same page.


Store the Things That Need to Be Stored

When you are living in Hackettstown NJ storage units are a fantastic way to get the larger items out of the way as you get to work. Make sure that you check them thoroughly for mold and insects before you put them away, but if you get them out of the area, you have more room to work. Another place to get great storage is at


Chlorine and Bleach Save the Day

If something came in contact with the flood water, it needs to be cleaned with chlorine and bleach. Anything that touched the flood water can be contaminated with any number of problematic pathogens, especially as it is very likely that you are dealing with sewage water. Use a solution of water and bleach to make sure that your home stays safe even after it is dry.



When you are trying to get your basement dry, bring down a dehumidifier or two and consider using it to put the water back into the atmosphere. This is something that makes a huge amount of difference when the key is to get your home as dry as possible as quickly as possible.

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