How to Safely Show Your Rental Property

Now that your rental property is ready to go, you need to begin the search for the perfect tenant. So how do you find the perfect one and how do you safely show your rental property to potential tenants?

First step is to create a solid marketing plan for the property. The internet is a great place to begin your advertising. There are several great sites to post your property rental. You can post pictures of the property on these websites. Video is another great way to safely present your rental property. Don’t forget to place a sign in the yard of the property as well.

As the calls begin to come in on the property, the sorting process can begin. You can rule out some of the prospects on the phone by answering their questions. Some however, will move to the next step and wish to view the property. To safely show your rental property, you should avoid meeting the prospect at the property alone. If possible, take someone with you, or direct the potential tenant to an open house. If you have no other choice but to meet the prospect alone, make sure that someone knows the location and time you are meeting and the expected time of your return.

Holding an open house is a great way to show your rental property and locate your next tenants. It gives you the opportunity to show your rental property to those who are interested during a particular time period. Hold the open house on a weekend afternoon. Any potential tenants can be directed to attend the open house. This will eliminate the need for you to meet one on one with them at the property. For your safety, you should have someone else with you during the open house.

With any showing of your property, there will be people who you do not know going through the house. Make sure that your personal belongings are not readily accessible. Especially with an open house, you may be distracted and unable to keep your eye on everyone. If you are currently living in the home, be sure to remove any prescription drugs, money, good jewelry and other valuable items from the home.

Once you make it through the showings and the open houses, you still need to follow precautions to make sure you get the right tenant. Credit checks and background checks are common practice today for renting property. The credit check will help you check the credit worthiness of your potential renter, and the background check will ensure you are not renting to a wanted criminal or a registered sex offender. There will be a cost to you, so you can charge an application fee.

By taking a few safety precautions, you can safely show your rental property to your potential tenants. Take the time and extra steps to ensure your safety, in the end you will have successfully and safely found the perfect tenant for your rental property.

If you still feel uncomfortable showing your property, there are some services that specialize in finding tenants for properties – regardless if they will manage the property.  Search Denver property management to get more information.

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