How to Spruce Up Your House Before Putting it on the Market

It is a fact that most home buyers would prefer a move-in ready house, over one that needs some work. Even if your house is in good physical shape, it may need some sprucing up before it goes on the market. Here are some ways you can get your house ready to sell.



Smart sellers know that cleanliness is next to godliness when it comes to showing their home, but that doesn’t mean they’ve found religion when it comes to how clean they are willing to make it. Before showing your house to prospective buyers, you’ve got to do a deep clean from top to bottom. That means scrubbing floors, wiping down baseboards and ceiling fan blades, cleaning the grout in your tile and getting rid of any areas of mildew and mold. You should also get your carpets professionally cleaned.



Sprucing up your home for buyers includes the exterior as well. Since they will get their first impression from the outside of your home, you don’t want to neglect this area. Make sure you keep the lawn mowed and weeded. Trim hedges and prune trees, especially those that are encroaching on the house. Seal up any cracks in concrete and replace any broken pavement. Clean your gutters and make sure downspouts are aligned properly. If gutters are filled with debris, you may want to consider hiring a professional to get a Gutter Estimate.


Minor maintenance

No matter how clean your house is, it’s still going to look old and dingy if you have lots of minor maintenance problems. For example, you should patch up any cracks in your walls and do touch-up painting to any areas where there are chips, scratches or marks. If your walls are looking really worn out or if there are large areas of paint imperfections, its a good idea to paint the whole wall or room, preferably in a neutral color. You also should replace any burned-out light bulbs, fix any doors and windows that don’t close properly and fix or replace any areas of broken flooring.



You don’t want potential buyers to see all the trouble you went to, cleaning and fixing up your house because there is too much stuff in the way. You should clear off your counters and cut down on the amount of blankets and pillows you have on the furniture. Put away most family pictures, and you may even want to consider putting some furniture in storage to open up the space and make the rooms look bigger.


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