How to Tackle a Complete Bathroom Makeover on a Limited Budget

It’s time for a bathroom facelift, but extensive remodeling is not in your budget. Remodeling the smallest room in your home can be pricey, especially if most of the features are outdated or run-down. You can get a “new” bathroom feel for a fraction of the cost of a big project with some creativity and effort. Read on for a few ideas that will help you tackle a complete bathroom makeover while still remaining true to your budget:

Vintage Vanity

While you want your bathroom to look shiny and new, you can save a lot of cash by recycling old items and giving them new life. One popular trend for bathroom décor on a budget is to use a vintage chest or dresser to make a new bathroom vanity. Find an appropriate-sized dresser at a second hand store or garage sale, and have a marble countertop cut at your local home improvement store with a cutout for a new sink. Before attaching the countertop to the vanity, sand it down and give it a new finish. What you get is a beautiful, high-end feel vanity for the bathroom at a fraction of the cost. via Pinterest via Pinterest

New Tile

Tile adds a fresh look to the bathroom, and if your old tile is cracked or dull it will drag down the entire look. Tile can get expensive, especially if you need to apply it around the entire bathroom. If you have your heart set on a costly tile design, consider choosing a basic, economy tile for the bulk of the bathroom, and using the nicer (more expensive) tiles as an accent in limited places. Some areas of the bathroom tile won’t even be seen behind the toilet, bathtub, or vanity, so don’t spend a fortune to cover the entire room in fancy tile. The more expensive tiles will “pop” and add a little sophistication—making the cheaper tiles look nicer than they really are.

Homegirllondon via Pinterest

Homegirllondon via Pinterest

Use Color to Amp up the Remodel

The most basic remodel can be a dramatic one. A fresh paint job will give instantly give a facelift to the room, and won’t break the bank either. Choose a fresh color, but be sure to pick high quality paint in a satin finish to protect against moisture or mold issues. Now set the new wall finish off with a contrasting shower curtain, towels, throw rug and artwork. You won’t recognize your old bathroom. via Pinterest via Pinterest

Go Energy Efficient

Professionals who specialize in major renovations in Grey Bruce suggest that you choose energy efficient toilets and sinks in order to save on energy bills in the future. When you choose the right energy efficient fixtures, you can save up to 30% on water usage. A rain-head shower head will give you a refreshing, spa-like shower while updating your room’s look. Pick a finish and replace all nozzles and knobs to match on your new energy-efficient fixtures. via Pinterest via Pinterest

Splurge on One Thing

You just found the vanity, clawfoot tub, or antique mirror of your dreams. Go ahead and purchase that one thing, then find ways to save on other elements of the bath. If you choose a mirror, repaint and add accessories to show off the mirror. If you find an amazing clawfoot tub, look for a vintage vanity to repurpose. If you have to have the seamless glass shower doors, change out the hardware for a sleek, modern look. Create a focal point for the eye with your new piece and design your bathroom around it. Make sure you decide beforehand what your one splurge item will be and work it into the budget so that you aren’t tempted to splurge along the way, and you stay true to the budget. via Pinterest via Pinterest

With some creativity and elbow grease, you can have an updated, rejuvenated bathroom that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Create a budget from the beginning, then consider what projects you can tackle on your own, which ones will require a professional, and what item you want to splurge on. With a clear set path from the beginning, you can stay on budget and still get the look you want.

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