How To Tell If Your Plumbing Needs An Inspection

It can be maddening when plumbing pipes leak, clog, bang or rattle. Is the problem something a homeowner can fix or does a professional need to be called in? What are the tell-tale signs that lets a homeowner know that the plumbing needs inspection?

Leaks and Blockages

The first sign is a leak that the homeowner can’t seem to fix or a leak whose source he or she can’t pinpoint. A blockage may be something that’s simple to fix or it might be a sign that the septic system is beginning to fail. This is most likely to be the case if all the drains in the house are stopped up.

Funny Noises

Another sign that the plumbing system might need to be inspected is if there’s a constant hammering sound in the pipes. This may mean that the pipes haven’t been fitted with air chambers or that the air chambers have somehow failed. The water pressure might suddenly decrease for what seems to be no reason. The reason for this can be anything from a slab leak to scale in the pipes to something the matter with the pump if the homeowner has a private well.

No Water

Of course, the number one reason to get the plumbing pipes inspected is there’s no hot water or no water at all. No hot water can mean that the hot water heater has failed, while no water can mean that there’s some damage to the fresh water supply line itself. This damage could be a frozen supply pipe or a pipe that’s burst.

A Bad Smell

According to, you might want to get the plumbing inspected if you notice a bad smell from the pipes. Vents and traps are installed in plumbing systems to make sure that sewer gas doesn’t escape. Sewer gas is not only foul smelling but can be a health hazard as well. An odor might mean there’s something wrong with the trap or the vent stack.


The homeowner will need to find a reputable plumbing contractor. The contractor needs to be licensed and insured and needs to know the local plumbing codes. This will make sure that any repairs that are made conform to the local and national codes.


As can be seen, there are many reasons for a homeowner to get his or her plumbing inspected. Most times, whatever problems there are can be easily fixed by a homeowner who has basic plumbing skills. At other times, the problem needs to be addressed by a professional.

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