How To You Can Take Your Curb Appeal To The Next Level

Everyone loves a beautiful home. They are a reflection of who we are and what we want to be. A beautiful front yard and entry can not only impress the neighbors, but will also increase a home’s value. Here’s how you can take your home’s curb appeal to the next level.

Quick and easy maintenance

The first step in increasing your home’s curb appeal is simple and can be done in a single day. Even without any other work, having the front of the house clean and well maintained will ensure an inviting home. Powerwash the siding, replace missing house numbers, and clean the porch. Clean the light fixtures and repair leaky gutters. Old railings begin to rust, so give them an extra coat of paint if necessary.

Spruce up your walkway

Second, make the walkway to your front door inviting. Walkway lighting is inexpensive and can be quickly installed for a touch of elegance for nighttime visitors. Consider replacing a concrete walkway with stones or a brick path for a more rustic look. Trim back trees and bushes that encroach on the walkway to make sure that people have plenty of space to walk.

Window furnishings

Spice up and trim your front windows. One popular alternative to traditional blinds are vertical blinds, which are easy to maintain and affordable. Additionally, they are simple to install and are much easier to dust than traditional horizontal blinds. On the exterior of your windows, try planter boxes with flowers that will give your windows an added dash of color.

Window shutters

If you have large front windows, consider decorative faux wood shutters. They break up the monotony of the house and add a flair of style that is hard to replicate elsewhere. Shutters also can help to provide light control inside to create the perfect ambiance in your front room.

Round it out with ornaments and decorations

While most front yards have a small garden, make yours stand out with lawn ornaments that accent your own personal style. A small birdbath or fountain is a great way to introduce movement and sound to a colorful garden. Draw eyes upward with hanging plants and add wind chimes that sing in the breeze.


A front yard can be warm, inviting, and immediately make your visitors feel at home when they approach your house. Taking your curb appeal to the next level is simple and fun, and is well worth the time and effort.

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