How You Can Keep Pests Out Of Your Home

It can seem impossible to keep pests out of any home, but it is not. You can have a pest free home by following a few tips. Begin by identifying the specific pest or pests you are trying to eradicate. Different cities, regions or states will have specific bugs or critters that invade homes.

Using Sprays

Many sprays are available for use outside the home; they are applied to the house’s foundation. It is important to reapply the insecticide according to the manufacturer’s directions. Carefully read the label to learn what the product will and will not kill, how often it needs to be applied and whether or not it will need reapplication after each rainfall.

Keep Critters Out

Rats can squeeze through spaces the size of a dime; squirrels will need slightly more room. Opossums can live comfortably inside the walls of many houses. Learn about the specific critters in your area by research offered on a professional exterminator’s home page. Repair any holes in soffits, screens and outer walls.


For those critters that prefer to live under the house such as skunks, enclose the crawl space with hardware cloth, screen or other barrier. If the animal has young under the house, have a professional exterminator trap and remove them. If you enclose the young with a screen, the mother will find a way in. You can also install a one-way release door for any critters that become trapped by the screen. Place food at the entrance and exit of the trap; the critter goes inside, its body lifts the door and after it has passed through, the door closes and the animal cannot reenter.

Exercise Caution With Traps And Poisons

Set up mouse and rat traps behind furniture, away from children and pets. Let children know that the traps are dangerous and should never be touched. Check the traps frequently and empty them immediately. Wear rubber gloves to avoid contact with the animal’s body; place it in a plastic bag and in the trash.


Use the correct poison powder, spray or mix for the proper pest. Inform children not to play with any of the cans, bottles or insect traps. Keep the numbers for your local veterinarian and the National Poison Control Center on your refrigerator in case of accidental ingestion or exposure.

Relatives, Ex-friends And Salespeople

Unfortunately, no screens, traps, or sprays work well for this type of pest. Loud noises, such as saying “you cannot stay here,” may work. Doing things that offend or disgust these pests might also work. If that fails, the number for this type of exterminator is 911. They handle pest removal quite well.

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