In a Rut? Routine Repairs That Could Save You Money

Fixing a door tongueThe responsible homeowner realizes that performing regular, small jobs, is a part of maintaining their investment and valuable asset that they have. Failing to do the little things that are necessary for keeping a home in good shape will allow the jobs to quickly pile up, until one day the task of ahead of you just becomes too overwhelming. Maintenance on a regular basis is also invaluable in preventing the development of larger problems that can cost thousands of dollars to fix. Because the list of annual chores that a happy home requires can become a little lengthy, it is best to break them down by seasons so that the endeavor is more manageable.


A Season For Inspections

In the Fall, it is wise to do all things related to ventilation for the home. The colder weather is coming, and it is critical to have all your ducts, windows, and other environmental controls in good shape in order to best deal with the fluctuating temperatures. You should check and replace filters on furnaces and those covering air ducts. If you have a chimney, then inspect the flue for any obstructions such as natural debris, or bird’s nests. Cover any outside air conditioning units so that they will be protected when the leaves come off the trees and the winter weather sets in.


Cooling Down

Winter weather makes it necessary for you to be prepared for ice and snow. This preparation involves knowing that the insulation is still holding up well. Begin by checking the attic for any obvious drafts, or places where there may be the potential for water leaks, to keep out freezing rain and melting snow. Humidifiers often get used more during this time of year, making it a good idea to change the filters on these devices and monitor the average moisture level in your home. Because you are also likely to spend a lot of time indoors, take it upon yourself to clean out drains in sinks, tubs, and disposals.


Warming Up

When the spring and summer finally roll around, people are ready for a breathe of fresh air. Spend a little time outdoors checking the home for minor damage to siding, paint jobs, and other small details. Because the temperature is finally stabilizing to some degree, it is an ideal opportunity to check on the condition of flashing, caulking, and any other seals around the home exterior. If you have a hot tub, then take the time to drain it, clean the filters, and inspect the seals and surfaces for damage. Other spa maintenance tips that are helpful for different times of the year can be found at Once the sun gets a little too warm for outdoor work, then head indoors and check the batteries on smoke detectors, the condition of fire extinguishers, and lubricate the landscaping tools that are soon to be used regularly.

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