Instant Room Makeover: Five Quick Ways to Update Your Home Decor

Wishing for an extreme home makeover, but coming up short on funds and time? Here are five quick fixes that will instantly update your home décor.

Window Treatments

Windows are a focal point in any room and an important source of natural light. Drab or shabby window treatments can be a real eyesore. The design experts at Curtain World suggest updating your drapes, or consider adding valences, window scarves or decorator rods. For a clean, modern look, swap voluminous ready made curtains for sleek new blinds.


One of the quickest ways to transform a room is with paint. Swap your wall color for a completely new shade, or paint just one bold accent wall. Try a decorative finish or some stenciling. Don’t forget the ceiling. An unexpected pop of color overhead can really brighten things up.


Sometimes all it takes to freshen a room is a little muscle power. Roll up your sleeves and try rearranging your furniture. Who says the couch has to be against the wall? Bring it front and center for a change. Create groups of smaller chairs and tables to encourage game playing or conversation over cocktails. Don’t worry about “matching.” Try bringing pieces from one room into another and mix things up a bit to create eclectic, comfortable spaces.

Wall Art

If that old picture of dogs playing poker isn’t doing your living room any favors, it’s time to update your wall art. Invest in a few big paintings or photographs that will act as windows to other places or times throughout your home. Change the frames on treasured photographs to showcase them in a whole new way. On a tight budget? Create new wall art with inexpensive frames and homemade artwork. You don’t have to be Picasso to create a beautiful and interesting collage. Use paper, fabric, or found objects that compliment your rooms, or bring nature inside by trapping ferns or dried flowers under glass.


Light helps set the mood in any room. Consider how much natural light your room gets and augment that with interesting fixtures. Chandeliers aren’t just for dining rooms; try adding one to a living room or guest room. Your light sources should be as decorative as they are functional. Allow yourself the freedom to change the level of lighting in a room at will with dimmer switches or multiple fixtures. A nice mix of side lamps, pendant fixtures, and floor lamps can, quite literally, brighten any space.

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