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Full House Software  is home to one of the most popular property management solutions for a variety of different properties.  The software, Investment Property Manager, or IPM, has a variety of different applications at which it excels. IPM has been designed to handle a variety of different management formats to ensure that you can do exactly what you need to.

Throughout Full House Software, there are a number of different management scenarios that are addressed.  More importantly, it shows you how IPM can be specifically tailored to meet your unique needs.  Some of the most commonly discussed uses include: residential renting, commercial renting, condo/HOA renting, marinas (fixed based) rentals, mobile homes, self-storage facilities, and mixed portfolio’s

There are a variety of important benefits that are discussed when reviewing Full House Software.

Efficient Management

There are a variety of features that are built into the software that will make the management of your properties and tenant much more efficient.  In most cases, a bulk of your time managing a property isn’t spent directly dealing with tenants, but rather gathering, analyzing, and storing information related to those tenants.  This makes time saving features extremely important.  For example, everything that you need to enter can be done in one place.  This eliminates the need for importing, exporting, or double-entering data.  Plus, because all of this information is stored in a central, inter-linked location, you never have to waste time shuffling through paperwork to find what you need.

Improve Your Capacity

There will come a time for every property manager when they have more tenants than they can handle.  With IPM, you can actually manage more properties and units with less employees.  This is because every unit will require less time and resources to effectively manage.  Along with helping your improve your capacity, it is also a great way to save money, while improving your bottom line.

Easy to Use

By using property management software that is easy to use, you will notice a variety of new benefits.  One of the most important is that you save time.  Plus, you can train or retrain employees within minutes rather than weeks.  This is especially helpful in terms of generating reports.  This software can also automatically remind you whenever an important event takes place, such as a lease renewal.  This will ensure that your entire office never falls behind.

Review of Investment Property Manager

Overall, The Investment Property Manager software (IPM) seems to be a very solid solution.  It is flexible enough that can be used in a variety of different contexts, while still maintaining a fairly standardized, easy to use solution.  While it offers a large number of unique features and management templates, everything boils down to 3 fundamental benefits – you can manage your properties, offices, and tenants more efficiently, improve the number of properties that you can manage, and it is easy to use, which saves time and money.

Read the following user reviews of Investment Property Manager to help you decide if their property management software is right for you.

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