Is Your Home Cluttered? 4 Ways to Give it a Clean, Organized Look

When trying to get rid of junk and reduce clutter, one must take a systematic approach to the process. This will allow a homeowner to clean his or her house and gain back their old space. With that being said, here are four ways to give a home a clean and organized look.

The exterior

When cleaning up the outside, a homeowner can give his or her place a new and fresh look. One way to get started is to get new and improved gutters that will not clog and cause problems. Good ideas for improving the exterior improve replacing the roof or rain gutters (or having them cleaned), landscaping for the garden or lawn, and a fresh paint job for the home. According to the Indianapolis copper gutter experts, getting a copper gutter can accent the exterior of your home, but also make it more durable. Getting professionals to install or clean your gutters and roofing is usually the safest route to go if you don’t have anyone in the family who is qualified to do this type of work—this is mainly a safety issue.


When looking to tackle a big project, some people make the mistake of trying to do everything in one day. While this is the right attitude, the family should go room by room to start cleaning. This will enable people to tackle a room a day and make sure that nothing is overlooked. Also, when doing it this way, people can take items to the dump or thrift shop with ease as they will have enough room in the car. Remember, it is difficult to clean the entire home in one day and it is much wiser to take it step by step.

Three piles

When going through a room, it is easy for people to grow attached to their items. One way to prevent this and avoid keeping everything is to set up three piles. One pile should be for recycling or trash. The other pile should be for donations. The third pile should be items that the resident wants to keep. With this method, one will not forget anything and will have an organized room in no time. The most important thing to remember during this process is to be realistic about what you need to keep. Don’t keep things that you never use, or that need to be replaced. You’ll have to realize that you can’t keep everything, and that eventually some things have to go.

Clean everything

Often, some people will organize a room or two and call it a job well done. Other people will simply stash items in the garage or closet to fix the issue. However, when trying to get, and stay, organized, one must have a full proof plan. When doing it this way, you will not come back in six months to the same problem. Starting with a clean slate (literally) will help you to keep things organized for a longer period of time. Remember, to get organized, you must have a plan and stick to it to the fullest.

Don’t get discouraged if you get overwhelmed, it will take a while to get in these habits in order to keep your house organized. As long as you don’t let things get out of control with the clutter, you can maintain a clean home when you really put your mind to it.

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