It’s Easy Being Green: 5 Tips to Help Make Recycling Easier Around the House

The average American generates about 5 pounds of trash each day. Over 75% of this waste is recyclable but it seems we only recycle a mere 30% of it. For the sake of the environment, energy, and our own economic benefit, recycling simply must happen more often. A few easy tips will take the inconvenience and uncertainty out of recycling and make this positive habit second-nature.

Skip the Long Division

Nowadays recycling is easier than ever! There’s much less need to separate recyclables which is often frustrating and enough to turn you off from the idea all together. If it’s paper, it can be combined! That means newspapers, junk mail, envelopes, old homework, office papers, phone books, magazines, receipts, paper towel tubes, coupons, and boxes for dry goods like pasta, cereal, and oatmeal can all end up in one convenient location. Set out just one bin, laundry basket, or milk crate in a high frequency or easy to get to area of your home and mix it up. If you’re busy and can’t make it to the recycling plant, you can arrange for pick up! Getting online and searching for something like: Indianapolis Garbage Removal or removal in whatever part of the country you happen to live in.

Pair Up

Sometimes we can be deterred from recycling simply because of distance. Trash cans seem to be everywhere and never near recycling bins. Nip our tendency towards laziness in the bud by purchasing trash bins with two compartments: one for trash and one for cans and bottles. Place these trash/recycling hybrids in as many rooms as possible so there’s never an excuse for choosing to scrap rather than salvage.


Check the Net

Find a recycling solution Whether it is Indianapolis Garbage Removal . You’ll discover pick-up and drop-off locations as well as mail-in services and programs conveniently located in your area just by typing in what you want to recycle and where you live. From auto parts and cell phones to paints and papers to hazardous materials and household items, there’s a safe, earth-friendly place for it all!

Test out your Green Thumb

Your garden can benefit from recycling too through composting. Create compost in anywhere from 14 days to a year by accelerating the decay of organic matter including eggshells, fruit and vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, and other table scraps to enrich soil. Dryer lint, tissues, and shredded paper also make for good compost. With the exception of meat, fish, gravy, grease, and oils almost anything is possible. If you don’t have the patience for composting, some people opt to bury these items between rows of plants and watch them grow.

Get Artsy

The easiest, and most creative, way to recycle is with DIY crafts. Make candles in empty jars and discarded tea cups. Dress up a tin can with fabric and flowers to make a pencil holder. Use paper towel tubes to create rain sticks and ornaments. Plastic bags become Halloween ghosts and paper bags transform into puppets an day of the year. Unleash a little imagination and save the planet.

As earth’s population grows, our dedication to recycling becomes all the more important. This worldwide effort to save the planet starts at home and luckily for us, it’s easier and more convenient to do our part than ever before.

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