It’s Your Yard! 5 Ways You Can Show It Off

Investing a little time and money into the space can completely transform a lawn and garden. Giving the grounds around the home an uplift can give it eye-appeal. Here are 5 simple fixes that can help homeowners show off their yard:


Add Bushes and Keep Them Trim


Shrubs and bushes add shape, texture, and color to the lawn and garden. Ornamental shrubs are available that are easy-care and look terrific in every season of the year. Homeowners may also select attractive bushes such as blueberries that produce a crop of sweet fruit every year. In many climates, blueberries are very simple to maintain and they have pretty blue-green leaves most of the year, with reddish leaves in the fall and nice-looking bare branches in winter.


Install Colorful Flowerbeds


Nothing makes a yard warmer than cheerful flowers. Pansies in fall and spring and petunias and marigolds in the summer are common flowers to plant every year. People can incorporate these with blooms that will come up every year like irises, daisies and tulips.


Put in a Walkway


A walkway is an excellent hard surface that makes the home appear welcoming. The eyes automatically follow up the path to the front door. Walkways are not difficult to create. Cement paths like sidewalks are smooth. However, a do-it-yourself project involves clearing the sod and any roots to make a smooth surface, adding black plastic and wide cement stepping stones with a border of paving stones. Spreading pebbles around the stepping stones finishes the path.


Define the Lines and Boundaries


The driveway is one of the most dramatic lines in the front yard. Homeowners can choose to pave the driveway or spend a reasonable dollar amount on Fort Worth driveway maintenance for an old drive way that needs a face-lift. Besides the driveway, adding paving stones or other distinctive borders around flower beds and other yard features help to define the lines. The property’s outer boundaries can also use a border like trimmed bushes or a fence if desired.


Put in Outdoor Lighting


For showcasing the yard in the evening and nighttime, nothing is quite as amazing as creative outdoor lighting. Spotlights can shine on the front walkway, veranda and yard features like fountains and trees. Wall lights on the home exterior can send a soft back-glow over the yard. Lamps on posts near the driveway highlight the drive and walkway. Decorative and safety lighting can work incredible curb appeal on the property.

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