J. H. Berry & Gilbert, Inc.

J. H. Berry & Gilbert, Inc. is a Birmingham-based commercial real estate firm with national experience. Their property management and lease management portfolio contains almost 7,000,000 square feet of commercial real estate, including office, industrial, and medical properties as well as over 1,700 condominium and apartment units.

J. H. Berry & Gilbert, Inc.

3125 Independence Dr., Ste 125

Birmingham, AL, 35209



1 thought on “J. H. Berry & Gilbert, Inc.”

  1. Brandon says:

    Stay away from this company. The apartment was in a great location. The Business Office and their practices are horrible. The maintenance was horrible, their over all general policies are the WORST! When you view a property, be SURE its 100% livable BEFORE signing a lease or you will regret it. They have a pet policy that is not enforced. I would not rent a facility from these people if it was a dog kennel. If you are a current tenant with these people, I truly feel very sorry for you. Make sure you take pictures of EVERYTHING when you move, or you can hang up your measly security deposit. They will “Look” for reasons not to give it back. In closing, I would like to state that I moved on my own free will. I was NOT evicted. I could imagine some people who go through an eviction process might rant out of anger. I just made a mistake in renting from these people, don’t do the same!!!

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