Junk Accumulating in the Yard? 4 Ways to Keep your Yard Tidy

Every block seems to have at least one home where the yard is more ragged and unkempt than the others. Because junk won’t clean itself up, you’re going to have to be proactive if you don’t want your home to be that house on the block that everyone shuns. Following are several tips to keep junk from taking over your outdoor living environment and making you into a neighborhood pariah.

Don’t Allow Junk to Get a Foothold in Your Yard

Many homeowners fall victim to the “just until next week” syndrome. It starts with an old refrigerator or stove left outdoors until the homeowner has time to load it up and take it to the local dump. If you fall into this trap, you can expect the junk to accumulate until you’ve got your local code enforcement agency knocking on your door with a citation in hand. Nip it in the butt and call an Indianapolis garbage removal  service or one in your local area.

Keep Your Lawn Green and Clean

Allowing your lawn to become brown, patchy and full of mole holes is another way to gain status as the certain house on the block that is not as well-kept as the others. Water your lawn deeply once per week, keep the weeds down and don’t allow wildlife such as gophers and moles to set up shop in your yard.

Don’t Let the Children Litter Your Yard With Toys

It can be tempting at the end of a busy day to leave the toys on the lawn to be picked up in the morning, but this often leads to a perpetually toy-strewn yard. Your little ones should be in charge of gathering up their playthings from the yard before they come indoors for the evening.

Set Up an Attractive Outdoor Entertaining Area

Purchase some colorful and attractive outdoor furniture and fill a few containers with thriving, flowing annuals and culinary herbs to make your outdoor living space into a pleasant area where you, your family and your guests enjoy spending time. It’s more difficult to allow junk to breed and pile up if you feel a sense of pride in your environment, and beautiful, blooming flowers brimming from pots and streaming from hanging baskets are excellent ways to achieve this.


Above all, don’t forget to take the time to grab a glass of lemonade or other refreshing beverage before heading outdoors to enjoy your well-kept and attractive yard.

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