Keeping Your House Cool in the Heat: 4 Choices to Make in the Off-Season for a Cooler Summer

Maintaining a cool home environment throughout the long summer season is challenging and can be expensive. The most common step taken to maintain a comfortable indoor environment on hot days is to lower the temperature on the thermostat and to rely heavily on the AC system as a result. However, this strategy creates high energy costs. It may also lead to extra HVAC repairs and reduced longevity in the years ahead. Before summer is in full swing, make plans to complete at least one or two of these home upgrades to save energy while also staying comfortable throughout the warm weather season.

Upgrade the Insulation

Quality insulation should blanket all exterior walls evenly. This provides energy-saving benefits through all seasons by keeping climate-controlled air indoors. Your home’s insulation may have a lower rating or may have been damaged in previous years. A simple inspection can tell you if an insulation replacement project would benefit your home this summer and for years to come.

Replace the Roof

The roof’s condition and materials directly impact energy efficiency as well. The best roofing material for your home depends on the climate where you live. For example, a metal roof may be a better option in some climates while asphalt or tile shingles may be more well-suited for other climates. Metal roof repair may be an energy efficient way to make sure your house stays safe and cool. You don’t want to have the AC escape while you are trying to cool your house.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

The quality and condition of your home’s windows also require close inspection. Some windows are specifically designed to reduce heat loss and to promote your comfort indoors. These windows may also have a special film to block UV rays and to enhance energy efficiency further. Learning about the condition and type of windows installed in your home is an important step. You can then research the benefits associated with making an upgrade.

Service or Replace the HVAC Equipment

Because your HVAC equipment is directly responsible for climate control throughout the year, it should be serviced regularly. Through maintenance service, aging and dirty components that could impact efficient operation can be improved. If your equipment is older, however, a full replacement may be a smart way to boost energy efficiency without sacrificing on comfort in the home.

As summer approaches, you may be bracing yourself for the financial impact of skyrocketing energy bills. Rather than prepare for higher bills, use these tips to proactively keep energy costs as low as possible.

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