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Key Property Management reviewsKey Property Management has 50 years of combined experience, striving to create relationships with high integrity and clear communication. Their great communication, both with tenants and owners results in high rate of lease renewals for condominiums, townhomes, and single family homes. Their professional staff creates comfortable experiences for all.

Key Property Management
4821 Woodshire Garth
Ellicott City, Maryland 21043
(410) 744-5056

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  1. Alisha says:

    Terrible, horrible way to run a business. Our landlord is the owner of Key Property Management – and we’ve been treated like a nuisance since the day after we signed the lease. Ms Hurley and her staff have lied about us and to us, they’ve been rude, some of their actions are at least immoral, and any/all communication is often met with hostility and drama. I have over 350 photos to show the condition of the property when we got here was filthy. Not just dirty from being unoccupied, but FILTHY. Food in the appliances, bug grave yards in the corners, crumbs left in the cupboards, cob webs in every corner, etc. It took me over 2 weeks to clean this house to a standard that was acceptable for a family with one kid and one on the way (not just a bunch of frat boys). It took some haggling to get her to pay us $200 to clean it, and even that was an underpayment begrudgingly given.

    We made an extensive list of the issues that were in the home within the first 30 days (because after that we get charged $100 per repair – first 30 days its all on her) and asked they be remedied. Many of these were obvious (holes punched in doors which are still not corrected, hallway door knob falling off, lights burned out, missing electric plug covers) and should have been corrected before we moved in while the property was vacant. After only a few weeks, she informed me that I was asking for too much too soon and that I stop contacting her so often. (What she meant was – wait until after the first 30 days so she could cost share with us.) She then lied and said I contacted her 12 times in one week when I only contacted her 6 – 7 if you include the email where I told her that any future communication would have to go through my husband because I was too pregnant and too frustrated to deal with it anymore. While some of the simple issues were fixed – the holes in the doors and other issues remain.

    I have photos to show the bug issue and the mouse issue (which she claimed was over 8 years ago and has been resolved). Her OWN bug guy informed her of the mouse issue in July and she brushed it off. We have photos taken TODAY of mouse droppings and shredded insulation by the dry bar and on the carpets. I’m pregnant – this is a health issue for anyone, but especially me and my unborn child! (Hantavirus, LMCV)
    We recently had to file with the Anne Arundel County Health Department because she waited over 3 weeks to APPLY for a permit with the AACHD to correct a COLLAPSED SEPTIC TANK that was backing up into the home. When said back up occured – she charged us $100 to have someone come and clean the area that was contaminated. The maids who came to clean the walls and concrete floors and appliances did a remarkably poor job.
    According to the previous tenant – they’ve also had a back up and she didn’t even send anyone that time to come and take a look. Just had the previous tenant clean it up… And the sink hole indicating the collapsed tank has been there for years.

    She has asked every vendor (from the bug guy, to the plumbers) to inform us how grateful we should be that she has sent anyone to correct this issue for us at all. Because if we owned it – we would be the ones having to pay for it. They all show up with a bad taste in their mouth because of the unprofessional and downright rude request she made of them. I can’t get most of them to call me back regarding information about the issues they came to remedy.

    She (in so many words) indicated recently that she will not be correcting any other issues in this home because she has exhaused her budget and her energy on the home already. Right now this house is not safe for my family. Every plumber told us that the sink hole could kill our son if he runs over it. We cannot allow him to play in the backyard without supervision. The mouse poop and pee in the basement are health risks. The invading insects are known to bite. The poor job cleaning up after the sewage back up further exposes us to infectious disease.

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