Kitchen Remodeling: Make Yours Beautiful and Timeless

Once upon a time, kitchens were relegated to the back of the home, they were utilitarian, and they were designed to cook food and not much more. But today’s kitchens are often an integral part of family life with open plan designs that are incorporating kitchens into the rest of the home.

Kitchens are no longer limited to white walls and dull cabinets, kitchens can now have their own pop and personality. Details such as unique drawer pulls, crown molding and focused lighting help a kitchen obtain a polished look.

A kitchen remodel is a chance to update older appliances and replace scratched counter tops, and it is also the chance to give a kitchen a timeless look. Although the finish on wood cabinets may need to be updated from time to time, wood cabinetry does not go out of style, because wood can be refinished and resurfaced when it needs to be updated.

Paint is one of the easiest ways to update a kitchen, it is a low risk way to play around with adding color to the room, but an entire kitchen done in bold colors, if not done correctly, can be too much and make the space look smaller than it should. However, using bold colors as accents gives the kitchen a burst of color without overwhelming the senses, so while few people would choose to design an entirely red or black kitchen, using those colors in small ways can be stunning.

For example, black pin striping on white cabinets can give a kitchen depth and sophistication. Since black is a great counterpoint to white, painting the walls white and the molding black is another option to make a kitchen stand out. Dark blues, reds and greens are also good choices when using bold colors as accents.

When hiring a painting contractor, like Atlanta painters, look for someone who has experience in the kitchen, because paint used in the kitchen needs to be resistant to humidity caused by cooking as well as easy to clean since kitchens tend to be high traffic areas. A good painting contractor can discuss the types of paint that are good to use in the kitchen and which should be avoided. Painting the kitchen can also involve more detail work than other rooms and a painting contractor should have experience doing that type of work.

Remodeling a kitchen is the chance for a home owner to realize the kitchen of their dreams. Look for timeless materials, but have fun with easily replaceable items such as drawer pulls and other kitchen decorations.



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