L B Property Management

L B Property Management’s primary concern is the success of your property. LB employs innovative techniques to ensure the highest occupancy. Using their extensive portfolio as leverage, LB Property Management negotiates large scale contracts with bottom line prices.

Their goal is to bring the professionalism and resources of large national management firms to their clients, while offering hands-on attention customary of the small neighborhood company.

Today, LB manages over 500 properties throughout Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, West LA and Orange County. The portfolio managed by LB is composed of Apartment Buildings, Homeowner Associations, Retail & Office Buildings, Industrial Complexes, as well as Shopping Centers.

L B Property Management Inc
4730 Woodman Ave Ste 200
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

2 thoughts on “L B Property Management”

  1. Glenn says:

    Craig Tice, Angelica Chicana and Brian Theobold are all liars and if you do business with them they will not pay you for goods or services and then lie and say their properties don’t pay them. If your a vendor and you ask to get paid after 30 days they cut off you as a supplier and move on to the next vendor and do the same thing over and over. They also treat all their managers lower than dirt and talk down about them especially Craig who is a heartless spineless loner whose sole purpose in life is to cheat everyone anyway he can. LB properties and CPS who is their other internal management company which is even worse if you can believe that. This company is lead by Angelica Chicana and her team of misfits who are programmed robots to follow the lead of another professional liar named Brian Theobald. If your an owner your better be aware your going to be cheated by the three stooges and partners in crime and shell games. They are nothing more than smoke and mirrors. BEWARE!! BEWARE!! BEWARE!!

    BEWARE and find someone else to work with or you WILL BE BURNED!!With all the other great management companies in Los Angeles why would you do business with them after reading this. Seriously!! Listen to your gut feeling if you ever speak to them. They SUCK!! Just ask students at CSUN who live in the building close to campus.

  2. Bill Wright says:

    I am writing this review after attempts by our HOA in Long Beach to improve the issues. They are one star as the option of no stars was not available. LBPM has been the worst management company I have seen in years. Often a company has issues with entry level associates for managers, but this goes all the way up to Janice Eisenberg, Vice President of the HOA division at LBPM.
    And before they respond with “you must have the wrong company” I even stopped by their office last Friday to pick up the HOA documents at 4730 Woodman ave, Suite 200, Sherman Oaks California. No one from the management team or the VP talked with me…just a window clerk and a file person to help me take out the files.
    2/11/14 – after many issues with Lida, the first manager, Janice, after many emails and calls, responded to the Board president with a “canned” email
    2/14/14 – new manager was assigned – Kathryn Reza – she was great in the beginning…but then fell into the abyss of LBPM’s standard of lack of follow up and poor service to home owners and board members.
    11/21/14 – after several months of service failures, incomplete work, or just being ignored by LBPM upper management – including Janice Eisenberg. Another canned email apologizes sent…same working as 2/11/14 email.
    1/21/15 – The Mystic Cove HOA gave LBPM their notice to end the contract. Our new manager Else was very pleasant and appeared to work out a smooth transition to a new company. That was short lived. The letter included the directive that LBPM was no longer authorized to pay any bills unless directly approved by the HOA. A letter was presented to Elsa during the board meeting and also sent to Janice – with no response.
    3/11/15 – Sent a request to LBPM, including Janice, requesting why LBPM paid themselves, even after the letter informing them they no longer had authority to pay ANY bills, without HOA approve. Again, no response.
    3/13/15 – resent email about the money stolen from HOA by LBPM – no response.
    3/16/15 – 3rd requests to LBPM, including Janice, for follow-up. – No response
    3/17/15 – Janice finally called me to discuss the issues. I sent an email for follow up and she then said it was for the February meeting and service. Again, my statement to LBPM – did you have the HOA approval. You had sent emails in the past requesting invoices to be reviewed and paid…why not this time. It is simple THEFT.
    So please take this review as a warning to NOT sign with PBPM. They are unprofessional to HOA board members and homeowners as well.

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