Landscape to Impress: 4 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Backyard

Hurry- hurry- hurry and work, work, work. When it is time to slow down and take a break there is a wonderful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of life. This retreat is conveniently located and free of charge! The only travel time involved is to open the back door and step into the sanctuary of a beautifully landscaped custom-made backyard. Here are four tips for creating that ultimate backyard.

Specify the Expectations

Before calling the contractor decide the atmosphere and use of the backyard. Will the space be used to host cookouts, children and/or pets? Will the atmosphere be one of activity or serenity? Maybe the goal is a multi-functional space. Plant and flower gardens, trees and/or shrubbery, patios and decks, pools, hot tubs and waterfalls are options to consider.

what you'll need to know before

Multi-functional Space

The backyard can be tailor-made to meet several different functions simultaneously and still look coordinated. Dividing the different areas from each other can be done in many ways. Examples of different types of dividing boundaries are lattices, hedges and walls. The type of outdoor flooring can also create a change in the space such as a grass lawn in one area and a patio in another area. Swimming pools, patios and decks can be used to cause a difference in the mood and function of a space too.

Plants and Flowers

Privacy screens can be created with trees, tall shrubs and vine plants. For a meditation garden, a vine-covered arbor may be more inspiring to look at than a lawn umbrella. Fragrant plants and flowers can also help to create a relaxing mood. If a fountain or waterfall is part of the landscape plan, this area is a great place to have it.

Hot Tubs

For a luxurious backyard space design your yard for a hot tub. Hot tubs can be installed on decks or in the yard. They are a great place to relax and talk. For social gatherings and family functions, create the hot tub spa close to the house. For adult only use it can be placed further from the house if the property is large enough. Fencing in the hot tub or building a gazebo around it will provide privacy.

If the backyard overlooks lovely surroundings, the perfect place for the hot tub is one that will showcase that scenic view.

When it is time to replace hurry-hurry-hurry with relaxation, create a custom-fit backyard and visit it often.

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