Let in the Light—Or Keep It Out: How to Choose the Right Window Treatment

Window treatments for 2020 are about simplicity and strength. There are few florals or small patterns in this year’s window treatment fabrics. Instead solid colors in simple shades are put to work across large expanses while smaller patterns are put to work on roman shades and other small accents. Here are some aspects to consider when you’re choosing a new window treatment this year.


Of course, the first purpose of covering a window is to keep others from seeing in. If you want to keep things simple, blinds are the simplest way to block the view of a window. Blinds are very versatile. You can tilt the slats to let in different amounts of light and control what people from outside can see. You can also raise or lower the blinds to suit your needs.

Curtains are another option that can keep others from looking in whenever the curtains are closed. They are less versatile than blinds, but there are many styles of curtains are you can likely find some to suit your specific needs.  

Bold Color Splashes

The larger the span of window that needs covering, the more solid fabrics will be used. Don’t be afraid of color. Drapes in shades from cream to red can provide great visual interest in your space. Be sure to include sheers to brighten the room and let in natural light.

For minimalist design, drapes are an option as long as the colors are muted and the fabric starts near the ceiling and hangs at least to the bottom of the window and perhaps to the floor. Architectural minimalism is about cleanliness, so mounting the hanging hardware near the ceiling will keep your windows covered and consistent.

Insulation and Light Control

Drapes can function well for insulation and for room darkening. If you truly need blackout curtains, layering can help. Start with custom cut blinds mounted inside the frame for maximum light control, then add a layer of lined drapes to block out light leaks around the side. These drapes can also add a layer of insulation to your windows as many of them have a vinyl backing or a foam lining.

Roman and Roller Shades

Boring roller shades have been gone for a long time. You can customize roller shades and roman blinds to suit any decor and have a clean window covering or a great start to light control. It’s important to note that roller and roman shades can make it hard to see much of the great outdoors. While blinds can open along the slats, roman and roller shades have to open from the bottom. If you want to easily see out a window, vertical or horizontal blinds might be a better choice. If the window features an eyesore, a roller blind might be best.

When choosing window coverings, remember the purpose of your purchase. If you need privacy, invest in curtains that are opaque and easy to close. If you just need light management, sheers and blinds may be enough.

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