Lighthouse Property Management

Lighthouse Property Management has been recognized throughout the industry as the standard for quality property management services.  They also serve the residential investor in locating quality properties. Lighthouse employs state-of-the-art technology to streamline the process and make it hassle free for their clients.  Their objective is to bring together qualified tenants and investors for a “win-win” scenario.

Services Provided:

* 24/7 Professional maintenance support
* Professional Property Inspections
* Annual Reports and Recommendations to increase profitability
* Direct Deposit of rent directly into your checking account
* Online tenant applications
* Online county by county search for property
* 24 hour free information hotline
* All properties advertised in the Georgia MLS (viewed by thousands of agents)
* Georgia Association of Realtors approved forms

Lighthouse Property Management
120 White Oak Way
Fayetteville, GA 30214

1 thought on “Lighthouse Property Management”

  1. william streeper says:

    I hired Travis Cassell of Lighthouse Property Management to manage my rental property in Rex, GA. He was a great advocate for the tenants but refused to protect my interests as the property owner. Against my instructions he allowed tenants to make partial lease payments which made it impossible to evict them. He refused to proceed with evictions when tenants did not meet their contractual obligations. His repair services were extraordinarily high. For example, I was charged $265 to have a contractor go to the property when the contractor did nothing at all. For more information regarding my experience with Mr. Cassell, contact me at

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