Like Odd Jobs? 4 Careers for People Who Work with Their Hands

Like Odd Jobs, 4 Careers for People Who Work with Their Hands

If you love working with your hands and improving things, then you’ll want to choose the right career. While you might feel stifled by an office job that has you focusing on spreadsheets and numbers, you may thrive in a construction environment where you can watch a building take shape from the foundation to the roofline. Before you sign up for a four-year college and a white-collar job, consider these options that are sure to satisfy your need to build, create and fix things with your own two hands.

Auto Mechanic

In this age of computerized cars, mechanics need more training than ever before. It’s a field that will always be in demand as long as people are driving cars. If you want to increase your earnings potential, then look into specialized fields like diesel mechanics. Taking it even further, you can even consider vehicle design and technology implementation.

The Trades

If you worry about jobs being shipped overseas, then consider a job in the traditional trades. Electricians and plumbers will always be in demand, and the earnings potential is significant. You’ll need specialized training that is available through trade schools, such as HVAC Technical Institute, and you’ll then be ready to apply for jobs and start your on-the-job training.

General Handyman

Houses need regular care and maintenance, and people don’t always know how to fix the little things that break. While you may cringe at the thought of sitting in an office all day, there are countless office workers who cringe at the thought of getting their hands dirty or trying to work on the plumbing lines under a sink. There is a need for handymen, and you’ll get a great deal of satisfaction out of fixing things and addressing common problems.

Geological Engineer

As societies grow and our population expands, there is a growing need for this specialty. These professionals know how to look below the surface of the ground to see what’s going on at land development and mining sites. Their goal is to ensure that things are safe for the workers and the environment. If you like science but also love working with your hands, then this could be the top career choice for you.

The right career is waiting for you, but it may require thinking outside of the box. With these positions, you’ll never have to worry about being trapped in an office staring at spreadsheets. You’ll get to meet different people, work in multiple locations, and use your hands to help others.

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