Living the Difference: 4 Ways to Make Your Home Luxurious

If you’ve ever visited a genuine mansion or stayed in a five-star hotel, you might have felt a little disappointment at returning to your home. No matter how comfortable or clean it is, unless you’re wealthy luxury isn’t a word you’d use to describe it. However, there are many ways to make your home seem more upscale without exhausting your credit. Here are four things you could do to make your surroundings more luxurious.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are still one of the most desirable features in homes. They add an instant touch of elegance to any space. You can choose a variety of woods, from traditional oak to exotics like mahogany, teak, or even stunning zebrawood. If it sounds expensive, you might settle for laminate flooring. One other alternative is a combination of both known as engineered wood. Engineered wood consists of thick hardwood veneers over a laminate core that is nearly impossible to distinguish from regular hardwood. Engineered wood also holds up to our dry, dusty climate better than hardwood, making it a good choice for this area.

Luxurious Bath

Think about transforming your bathroom. Adding a Spa-tub, a glass-enclosed shower and some artistic tilework makes a huge difference, provided you have the room to spare. You might also consider a more luxurious sink, fixtures, or quartz countertop, heated towel racks, larger windows and mirrors for more natural light, and potted ferns.

Swimming Pool

This is an add-on that can add lasting value as well as luxury. An in-ground pool can get pricey, starting on average around $30,000 or even several times as much, depending on how large and how fancy a pool you want. You also have to think about everything that goes with it: pumps, diving boards, slides, covers, lights, and so on. If you really want to enjoy your pool, it’s important to include a privacy fence around it so you can relax in peace. This is a popular enough remodel addition that some companies, like Standrite Australia Pty Ltd, even advertise specialized fences designed specifically for pool enclosures. No matter what size, shape and trimmings you decide to get with your pool, it is definitely something you’ll get a lot of satisfaction from.

Entry Way

The entry way of your home is the first things visitors are drawn to, and the last thing they see when they leave. Consider buying a larger or more luxurious front door featuring beautiful etched glass or polished wood. You might include more expensive hardware and a new porch light. The interior foyer can also get a makeover with a nice rug or tile, art objects, plants, and so forth. If you don’t have a foyer, you could always section one off with a half-wall or an ornamental railing.

No matter how bored you may be with your home after all these years, you aren’t stuck with it. The right renovations can add a sense of luxury that completely changes the atmosphere.

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