Location, Location, Location: How to Decide Where Your New Home Should Be

Building a custom home gives you complete control over all aspects of home design. From the style of the décor to the size of the bedrooms, bathrooms and closets, you can easily create a home that is perfect for you and your family. In addition to customizing the style, size and layout of the home, you will also get to select the perfect location. There are numerous factors to consider to make the right location decision, and these are a few of the top points to think about as you research the options.

The Area of Town
One of the first factors to consider when you are searching for a location to build your new home is the area of town. There are many neighborhoods in most major cities that allow you to build on your own lot, and this means that you should not feel limited by the options. Consider if you want to be in a certain area of town because of crime rates, proximity to your workplace or a daycare provider, inside a specific school district or close to specific attractions in the city. Some may want to be in a neighborhood close to family members or friends as well. By selecting the area of town where you want to live, you can more easily narrow down your options to a smaller list of communities that allow you to build a custom home.

The Size of the Lots
When you are reviewing specific communities, you will be looking at the lots available to build on. The size of the lots is critical, and you want a lot that is large enough to accommodate the floor plan that you have selected as well as your need for space in the front and backyards. You should inquire about easements and neighborhood rules that may impact the placement of your home on the lot. You may also pay attention to other factors, such as drainage and slope of the lots, the presence of trees on the lot and even if the neighborhood has specific rules regarding building green homes or other construction rules.

The Neighborhood Amenities and Style
While it is important to consider the size and layout of the lots in a specific neighborhood, you also should consider the amenities and style of the community. Some, for example, may be more family-oriented than others. Some may have amenities geared toward families with younger kids while others may be designed for empty-nesters and older adults. You may have a strong desire to find a luxury neighborhood community like Princeton Classic Homes in Houston, TX. Seek out amenities you would enjoy like a country club inside the community, a large swimming pool, hiking trails and more. These factors can impact your living experience and overall quality of life, so determine your needs and desires before you actively compare communities.

The Surrounding Businesses and Infrastructure
The businesses and infrastructure surrounding the neighborhood should also be considered. For example, most people will not want to drive dozens of miles to run out to the store to pick up a gallon of milk or to take a sick child to the doctor. Some may desire a more urban lifestyle while others may want a more country feel in their community, most want proximity to common businesses and services that they may need on a regular basis. When you search for a community, think about actually living there and how far you will need to drive to get to a gas station, a park, a grocery store, a hardware store or other venues you may visit frequently.

Selecting a location for your custom home to be built on is not something you want to take lightly. There may be several communities to consider, but you may find that one is a superior option than others when you compare them thoroughly.

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