LRS Realty and Management

LRS Realty & Management, Inc. (LRS) is a family owned and operated full service Property Management Company established in 1988. We serve the Los Angeles, Ventura, and Kern County Areas.

LRS Realty and Management regards each property  as uniquely different from any other property. They continuously focus on achieving above market rents, collecting all rental income (including any late or miscellaneous fees), and controlling variable costs such as maintenance, gardening and pool costs while maintaining your property in exceptionally good shape and caring for your property’s every need. With their management focus and strategy, they will maximize your investment while giving your property the attention and care it deserves.

LRS Realty and Management
7318 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Canoga Park, CA 91303

9 thoughts on “LRS Realty and Management”

  1. Willow says:

    The worst management company in California, possibly the world. This company is full of liars and incompetent morons who could care less about you or your problems. Sneaky, manipulative, and flat our L(ia)RS! I would not recommend doing business with them unless you like people stealing your money and not providing you with any service!

  2. Julie Ping says:

    I agree with the previous poster. LRS is definitely the WORST management company I have ever experienced. They spend your money on anything and everything useless, without renting out your property and still jacking up expenses. I wished I had been warned before I ever hired them. This is your warning!

  3. Charley says:

    If you read this and still do business with LRS you are an idiot. They are terrible. DO NOT DO IT! LRS is the reason the term “SLUMLORD” exists.

  4. Krystal says:

    As a property owner I appreciate all of LRS’s hard work. Two years ago I came to LRS with four investment properties and all four properties had negative cash flows. Within 6 to 8 months LRS turned my properties around. Three of the four properties have positive cash flows for the first time in many years and the fourth one is breaking even. My Properties had a lot of maintenance and vacancy issues which LRS addressed with promptness and professionalism. I highly recommend LRS to any property owner.

  5. G Joseph says:

    I am astounded!! I just was told LRS was given some poor reviews by some landlords and tenants.
    This is surprising to say the least. I had a couple of older buildings that other slumlords ran into the ground then sold. Upon purchase I did a remodel and evicted the drug dealers and tenants that the police and most of the tenants wanted out. All of this was done under the supervision of L R S.

    It should be secondarily noted the people around me had seen we were so successful and had seen how I’ve done with them so they hired LRS as well. We ran between our group 7 BLDGS.

    The most frequent thing we would encounter was Tenants that were old tenants would comment,”I can’t believe how good things have gotten since you guys have taken over” The bldgs were beautiful and everyone benefited.

    I like LRS because they are friendly and give great bookkeeping reports, also They do handle it well when tenants don’t pay rent.
    I was a sucker and losing a lot of $$ when people gave me excuses so I needed to have somebody as a buffer to help get rents. I lost $1000’s+ on one family that is when I decided I had to hire a pro, I have worked with them for 15 years and I highly suspect that I will likely do business while I a landlord. None of the negative I have read above seems even remotely accurate except that people pay rent late then complain when they have to pay for the privilidge of a beautiful place to live that is managed by someone who doesn’t accept excuses.

    Finally, I know that on some of the reports I read, the complaints were so suspiciously alike that either friends copied or the same person with multi emails wrote the complaint.

    I am exceptionally happy with LRS management and have found NO inappropriate fees. I am very into KARMA and ethics I haven’t found a violation on any property management. I might note that I have had several tenants cheat lie and manipulate facts. Also I have had 3 other managemtn companies I have worked with and narrowed down to LRS exclusively. They are the best of the 3 Which 1 was a VERY well known company but they just didn’t have it together as well.

    Most importantly. All of us are in a bad economy, if we pay our bills that we contract to do. Agree to live up to what we negotiate, then we never have to piss and moan that we didn’t get out way.

    I can almost gaurantee that the people above didn’t do what they contracted to do, then when they had to step up to bat. UH OH!!

    I know all of the people at LRS for over a decade and I think the people speaking above are likely projecting their ethics on to a very good company and really good people.

  6. Me says:

    Absolutely beyond incompetent. No follow-through. Do not return calls. Find properties via other companies/sites.

  7. Rose B. says:

    LRS has to be the WORST management company ever! It is near impossible to get anyone to return phone calls or emails and when they do, they are not helpful at all. They are not able to answer your questions and are quick to send you to voicemail so they don’t have to deal with you. Our leasing agent told us that maintenance is covered in our leasing agreement, so if anything breaks or needs repair, call them and they’ll take care of it ASAP. However, we found out that EVERY maintenance request is fulfilled only at the property owner’s discretion. If they approve the repair, it will be done. If not, you have to pay for the repair yourself. So ridiculous! I would HIGHLY recommend looking elsewhere if you find a property managed by this company, even if you think its the perfect place. I am so disappointed in their service and how they mislead us prior to signing the lease.

  8. Brokenhearted says:

    This must have been a beautiful apartment building at one time, but the maintenace is non existant. I have recently relocated from across country and found what looked like an adequate apartment, altho higher rent than comps, online. I was promised certain things that are medically necessary to my health, and I was moved in before the agency handed me my lease agreement, telling me to sign before I could read the sheaf of papers. When I had sent the movers off and had time to read the papers, there were too much “leagaleze” that made me feel very uncomfortable with the honesty of these people. I feel I have been taken advantage of and I’m very angry!

  9. LJT says:

    If maintenance is in the lease, that is a binding agreement. If they are requiring you to do the work, issue a note 30 days before doing the work letting them know that the cost of the work will be deducted from your rent and a receipt will be provided. By law, you have that right and when I have done that in the past, it has gotten the work done within 48 hours.

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