Maggard Property Management

Maggard Property Management reviewsThey have placed hundreds of satisfied families and businesses in properties located in the Central Kentucky area. All prospective tenants are required to complete their application process. This allows them to maintain a personal as well as professional relationship throughout the term of the contract.

Maggard Property Management
133 Walton Avenue
Lexington, KY 40508-2362
(859) 233-7880

2 thoughts on “Maggard Property Management”

  1. Josh Allen says:

    Maggard Property Management operates with a complete lack of integrity. Darlene Atwood spends more time lying then accounting. The statements I received were fictional. Maggard did irreconcilable damage to my property and my realtionship with the tenants.

  2. Patrick says:

    Used Josh Shepler at Maggard properties as a reference due to an upcoming move into another rental out of state. Thats where the issues started. He stated in an email to my wife that he is going to null and void the 30 day notice she provided just because someone at the new rental asking for the reference didnt answer his questions. This reference was for me (I wasnt on the lease) and actually its absolutely none of his business what my future plans are. Our responsibility was met and we were leaving. That should have been the end but his email was threatening and used intimidation as to “scare” us into answering his questions I guess. We were never late with any payments, no damage to TH, and were quiet all around good tenants. Im not writing this out of spite or anger, just to simply let potential tenants of Maggard Properties think twice. Josh obviously has anger issues, is extremely arrogant, and has proven he works on a unprofessional level. On a personal level, this kid is non responsive, apparently thinks very highly of himself and obviously is in way over his head. I kind of get the feeling Josh still has the silver spoon hand feeding him from birth.

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