Make Sure Your Home is a Happy Home: 4 Things That Can Make Your Home More Inviting

When family and friends enter your home, you probably want them to feel as comfortable as possible. There are some steps you can take to make your house more inviting. Some of these take very little money, and they can often make your home look larger on the inside than it really is because of the colors and lighting.

Natural Light

If you are building a new home, then hire a custom home builder to install windows that allow as much light into the rooms as possible. If you’re not sure what home builder to work with, you can consult with a company like Sartori Custom Homes these guys are calgary estate home builders that know their stuff. You don’t want the entire home overtaken by windows, but you do want the maximum light possible. Builders can create a design that suits the framework of the home as well as the décor of the rest of the house. Add blinds and curtains to the windows, and keep them open as much as possible during the day.

Make the Beds

It might seem like an ordinary chore, but if you have children who have friends over or if your family and friends like walking through your home, then you might want to make the beds. This will give the bedrooms a fresh look. You can fluff the pillows or add small details to the blankets to create an inviting look. You will also decrease the clutter on the floor by picking up any pillows or sheets that might be laying around. Making your bed will also create an inviting atmosphere when it’s time to go to bed at night.

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Flowers and Decorations

Try to find some fresh flowers to display in vases around the home. The kitchen table, counters and end tables are ideal places to put vases. You can also add candles or small decorations to brighten the rooms. Decorate for the holidays by keeping the colors coordinated, and try to change the flowers and decorations as often as possible to keep something different in the home.


If you want people to see your home as warm and inviting, then clean up the home. Don’t leave trash, toys and clothes around the house where people might trip. If you have to, then store everything in a basket in the closet until your guests leave. Find a toy box to put in your child’s bedroom so that you child can easily put away toys.

Whether it is adding color or light to the home, there are numerous ways to make it feel cozy. Explore a variety of ideas before settling on one thing to do, and make sure you ask the rest of the family what they want the home to look like. Custom home builders are good resources to have when designing the interior.

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