Making Sure Your Home is Safe and Clean for Your Children

Your home is the sanctuary where you and your loved ones feel safe from the world. Have you ever considered the dangers found within the family nest? Sure, you have a daily routine that includes rinsing dishes and loading the dishwasher. Someone takes a turn at sweeping and mopping. The rotation includes vacuuming the carpet and wiping down counters. There is probably a bathroom cleaning schedule. The cleaning solutions themselves can be dangerous for some family members. Getting organized and thinking ahead increases the health and safety of your family.

Poisons and Chemicals
Detergents and other cleaners commonly found in homes can seriously injure curious children. Always store these in a secure location. Toddlers enjoy opening low cabinets within their reach. Their exploring hands are constantly in search of new discoveries as they learn about the world around them. Rather than keeping chemicals under the kitchen sink, try trading them to the spot currently occupied by canned goods, above.

Talk to older children about the dangers of ingesting toxic compounds and other poisons. Dispose of hazardous chemicals that are no longer in use, including expired prescription drugs. Put the number to the poison control center on speed dial.

Prevent Pest Infestation
Prevention is the best approach to pest control. Seal off potential entries. Rodents can squeeze into the smallest opening. The droppings and urine they leave behind harbors disease. Load a caulking gun with an all-weather caulk, and walk around the property sealing cracks and crevices as you go. Repeat the process from the inside of the basement and garage. This can also help with insects and spiders.

Most people know that food residue and sugars attract ants and other insects. Do you save aluminum cans for recycling? Did you know that the sugar residue they contain attracts cockroaches? Stacks of old magazines and newspapers are also roach bait. Prevent insect infestations by keeping the cans sealed up tight in heavy plastic bags. Consider getting rid of the old reading material, and call an exterminator Houston residents can trust.

Accumulating new tools and equipment can make the garage seem like it is shrinking. A safe garage is one where people can walk across the uncluttered floor without looking down to avoid tripping. Do you look like you’re walking on stepping-stones in your garage, carefully choosing the perfect spot to plant your next step? Does your workbench look like a bonfire waiting to happen? If you answered yes to either question, it’s time to get organized.

Organize hand tools on pegboard. Either build or buy some shelves. If the garage is still an accident-trap, you may have to get rid of some tools. This is difficult for men, but it’s time to evaluate each item individually and ask yourself whether you will ever use it. Have a sale; somebody out there would love to have the router you inherited from your great uncle.

Keep the garden shed locked up. Consider rearranging the kitchen goods. Make sure sharp tools, manual and otherwise, are out of reach of children. Stay well-organized, and have a safe life!

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