Managing Properties and Dealing With Tenants – How to Make it Easier

Managing a property and handling tenants is not always easy. You have to take care of so many different things to keep the property running and the tenants happy. You also need to worry about screening tenants and meeting building codes. It is important not to get overwhelmed. A few tips will make it easier for you to manage the property and deal with tenants.

Managing Properties

Start With a Detailed and Clear Lease

You will have a much easier time managing the property and dealing with tenants if you start with a detailed and clear lease. Spell out everything in the lease and leave nothing to chance. Sit down with new tenants and go over each part of the lease to ensure they understand everything before signing. A good lease will protect you and the tenants.


Address Disruptive Tenants and Conflicts Fast

If you are noticing conflicts or disruptive tenants, then address them fast. You want to handle disruptive tenants in a professional way although you should do it quickly without waiting. If there are conflicts, then get to the bottom of the issue and present evidence to tenants to resolve it. This will prevent resentment from building.


Keep Communication Lines Open

You need to keep communication lines open when managing a property. Give tenants your business phone number and email address. Check for messages every day and respond promptly. Respond even if your only answer will be that you need to do some research. Your tenants are far more likely to be happy, communicative and cooperative if they feel you are open and available.


Be Proactive With Maintenance

You must be proactive with maintenance on the property. If you see something is starting to corrode, fall apart or become a hazard, then act immediately. Do not wait until someone complains or the issue becomes unavoidable. Take care of small maintenance tasks and call in professionals as needed. Being proactive and taking care of small problems will keep the property in excellent shape and the tenants safe.


Give Your Number to the Neighbors

You should give your phone number to the neighbors on each side of the property. Let the neighbors know that they are free to call you if anything unusual or bad happens on your grounds. This is an invaluable tool since you cannot be around watching the whole property at all times. Your neighbors can let you know fast if something illegal or dangerous is happening.


Respond to Repair Requests Fast

Your tenants are going to eventually need repairs in the units. This could mean clearing a clogged toilet or replacing a lighting fixture. You must respond to repair and maintenance requests fast. For example, if your window treatments in Miami are damaged and the tenant lets you know then you should immediately call a repair service or contractor. Contact the tenant next and let the person know when someone will be arriving. Acting quickly will protect your property from damage caused by water or other hazards. It also instills trust in your tenants so that there are fewer problems later.


Inspect the Entire Property Regularly

You do not want to show up at the property only when there is a problem. You should try to be around as much as possible. Walk around the property regularly inspecting everything. You should do this every week or every few weeks. An informal inspection will let you see whether the tenants are doing something against the lease or harming the property. It will also let you see how the property is faring so that you know when to schedule maintenance and repairs.


You need to be attentive, observant and ready for action to manage a property and deal successfully with tenants. Never ignore repairs and maintenance. Be friendly but do not get involved in personal dramas. Be responsive and open with tenants. If you follow these tips, then you will have an easier time managing the property and handling your tenants.

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