Marketing Your Real Estate Business in a Tough Climate

Times are tough in the real estate business in many countries throughout the world. Although the global recession of 2009 may be over, a lack of mortgage loans continues to be a problem. So how can you ramp up your real estate marketing?

Well, according to Jenny Greaves from the Costa Blanca Magic property agency, the answer is to think out of the box and start solving some of your potential customer’s problems. It’s a buyers’ market, so that’s what you have to find.

Let’s start by solving some problems. Contact all the mortgage suppliers in your area – and they must be having issues as well. Work together to see if you can find a source of funds. Work out what level of borrower they want and set out to find them. There is money out there.

There will also be people who have money to buy – so you need to find them. We’ve all heard of postcards, direct mail, etc. so I am not going to rehash those old ideas in this post. Here are some new ones.

Concentrate on “out of towners” who have more problems in finding a real estate agent. Choose an area that regularly moves into your area. If you work at a seaside resort or popular tourist destination, you can also look abroad. Advertise in their local magazines and newspapers. Direct your website ads to their areas. Offer an ebook with information on your area as well.

Set up an autoresponder with a list of emails/ezines that provides details on your area, information on how to move house/ how to stage your existing home for sale, etc. In this way, you have a group of people who will get to know you and trust you with finding a house. Market to these people.

Work with your mortgage broker (the one who has funds) to find high quality buyers. Qualify your buyers before you work with them and be strict – the world has changed. Seminars on the possibility of buying houses at knock-down rates is a good title. Charge for the workshop or qualify your attendees, so you get serious lookers only.

Find a great house – a really outstanding one, stage it, and then market it like crazy.

Set up some great PR, newspapers, and radios are looking for some fresh ideas on the housing problems. Find a unique story and contact the press with it. You could also try putting out a press release on the likes of PRWeb. A feel-good story would be great.

Think out of the box and you will see sales increase.

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