Meridian Management Group

Meridian Management Group, LLC (MMG) was created for the express purpose of providing turn-key management services to its investor clients of single-family, multi-family, retail, and commercial rental properties. MMG employees are knowledgeable and experienced professionals who will maximize your profit dollars through aggressive marketing, expense control, volume purchasing, and receivables management. Their goal is always twofold, to maximize their client’s return on investment, and to preserve and/or enhance the quality of their asset.

Property Management Services

* Staffing. MMG will provide trained on-site leasing and maintenance personnel for your property.
* Leasing & Occupancy. Marketing is tailored to your property’s specific requirements which may require simply promoting tenant referrals or more creative avenues of advertising and promotion. Tenant screening will include credit and criminal background checks plus previous landlord references.
* Collections. Successful management of your property depends on diligent collection efforts. Those efforts begin with educating the new tenant of our payment expectations at move in, and include timely distribution of late notices, 10 day demands, in person visits by the property manager, and when necessary, court filings.
* Renewals & Increases. MMG’s goal is to maximize tenant retention in order to reduce turnover costs. Renewal notices to residents well in advance of lease expiration allow us time to negotiate an equitable lease renewal, or when move out is inevitable, time to market the unit prior to vacancy.
* Payables. MMG will pay all bills associated with your property, including taxes and mortgages. These are coded and will appear in detail on your operating statements.
* Work Orders. Requests for maintenance are logged and a daily follow up is made by the property manager to insure prompt response time. In addition, we will perform bi-monthly inspections of each unit in order to identify and repair potential problems before they become costly expenses.
* Reporting. Included with your monthly profits check are operating statements which detail current month and year to date revenues, expenses, and profits, Rent Roll, Vacancy Listing, A/R Aging, A/R payments, and deposits on hand.
* Budgets. Prior to year end, MMG will submit for your approval a financial projection for the coming year outlining forecast income and expense, and upcoming capital improvement requirements in order to determine projected revenues, expenses and debt service coverage.

Meridian Management Group
2964 Ember Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30034

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  1. CLP3X says:

    I entered into a contract for Meridian Management Group, LLC to manage the rental of my Townhome located in Marietta, GA during the month of May 2012.Upon finding tenants Meridian made a concession on rent payments in the amount of $567.74. I did not approve this concession nor was I contacted previous to the concession being made. When I found out about concession, I made it clear to Meridian that this was not acceptable. Information concerning managemnt of the townhome provided by Meridian proved to be absolutely false. I cancelled my property management agreement with Meridian. Avoid this company at all cost!

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