Minimize: Six Reasons to Get Rid of All That Junk

Too Much Stuff

The rule of thumb is if you haven’t used something in six months, it isn’t worth keeping. Even so, are you constantly tripping over boxes of unused junk in your garage, storage space or spare room? Do you feel a headache coming on every time you open the door and catch a glimpse of broken cardboard boxes, cracked mirrors, and at least ten years of Halloween costumes? Does the mere thought of all this clutter make you feel tired and stressed? If any of this sounds familiar, then we have six excellent reasons for getting rid of all that junk.

1 Reduce stress

Imagine opening the dreaded door that is currently hiding a tangled mess of stuff you clearly no longer need or use. Now envision it as a changed and organized space with dust-free corners and a clear walking path. Can you feel that familiar pounding in your temple start to dissipate at the very thought? All you need is a few nights in or a long weekend to get it done. Once you have reclaimed your space and made it purposeful again, you’ll waste a lot less time looking for the items you actually need, and feel a lot less stress.

2 Make extra cash

Try selling the best of your junk on EBay, Craig’s List or in a classified ad. You might not have a collectable antique that will make you rich, but it could pay for a relaxing dinner at your favorite restaurant. If you think of your cluttered pile of stuff as cash you are giving up, it may help you feel better about cleaning it out. Before you assume the stuff will gain more value over time, talk with a professional. Don’t hold on to it without knowing for sure it is a good investment.

3 Help someone in need

Try donating unwanted items to one of your favorite charity organizations. It’s a great way to recycle items that are still useful while giving back to the community. You can feel good about getting rid of all that junk in your home since it’s now helping someone.

4 Lose a potential fire hazard

If you can’t account for every item in your special pile of dusty memories, then you may have an unknown fire hazard lurking around in the rubble. Forgotten batteries left in radios with frayed wires is just one example of a disaster waiting to happen.

5 Have new space

If you still can’t find the motivation to clear out the junk, start planning for what the space will be once it’s clear. Go through Pinterest for design ideas. Plan new activities and hobbies you will accomplish in the space. The trick is to not allow yourself to buy anything for the new space until it is cleared out of all the junk.


There are plenty of reasons why you should clean out your junk heap. The trick is to find the reason that is right for you. Good luck on your organizing adventure!

Information credited to Descenzo Rubbish Removal, Dumpsters in Cleveland Ohio

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