Missing Shingles Aren’t The Only Sign Of A Roof In Need Of Repair: What To Look For

The roof of a home is responsible for protecting you and your valuable furnishings from the outdoor elements. Spotting a problem before it turns into real damage or a leak can save a lot of money and frustration. Perform regular maintenance to identify a number of issues that are not quite as obvious as missing shingles.

Curling, Damaged, or Warped Shingles

Missing shingles are an obvious sign that there is a need for repair, however, other conditions put the home at just as significant a risk. At least once a year, each shingle should be inspected for tearing, warping, or breakage. It is easy to miss an obvious sign without taking a good look. Curling shingles can possibly be glued in place if there is no crack or break. Warped, torn, or deteriorating shingles need to be replaced before damage can reach any further. If you’re unsure on how to go about inspecting your roof, talking to a professional is a good idea. A. Clark Roofing a company that does roof repair in Edmonton is a good example of a pro you could talk to about your questions.


Granules Present In The Gutters

Exterior granules falling from shingles at a rapid enough rate to gather in the gutters is a sure sign that the roof is ready to replace. Check for bald shingles if they have been replaced at different times. A full replacement may be the best decision, but if the condition is only in some areas then repair could be sufficient.


Rotting or Damage To Trim Boards

Wooden boards that trim the home and attic vents can deteriorate or rot over time from moisture exposure. Check the paint for signs of chipping or bubbling that could indicate a problem underneath. Damaged wood only gets worse as time goes by so it should be completely replaced as soon as possible. Once it is removed, inspect the condition of nearby materials to ensure that moisture damage has not harmed other areas.


Green or Black Algae Spots

The growth of algae on a roof can typically be removed with pressurized water. However, this is not going to keep it from returning. Not only does it change the appearance of shingles, it can lead to deterioration or soft spots if it holds moisture. The best way to do this type of repair is to hire a professional for chemical treatment.


An educated homeowner or roofing specialist should take a careful examination of a roof at least once during the year to look for signs that repair is needed. Neglecting the needs of any roof can cause expensive problems inside the home. Always pay attention to the warning signs as soon as they show up.

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