Moving To The Canada? 5 Things You Might Not Consider If You’re Relocating Up North

Due to different things that are going on in the United States, many people are choosing to move to Canada. Canada looks more appealing to nationals because of the lower cost, the healthcare system and the general attitude that is becoming less prominent in the United States. People may consider many things, but there are some things that tend to get forgotten when choosing to move to the country up north.

You May Not Have the Same Rights

Due to a different legal system in Canada, rights that we enjoy here in the United States are not in effect in that country. If you enjoy your right to free speech and right to bear arms, you might not want to move to Canada.

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You Can Get in Trouble for Watching TV

While things such as satellite television are not closely monitored by criminal police in the United States, they are in Canada. If you are caught with a satellite that isn’t Canadian directed (ie. DirecTV), you can face serious fines and even jail time.


Cell Phones

While living in the United States may have you programmed to be cell phone obsessed, Canadians are not quite at the level we are. Cell phones and cell phone plans in Canada are much more expensive, and not everyone has the latest model or the biggest talk, text and data plan. If you are a mobile person that needs their cell phone to function, you may want to reconsider your Canadian relocation.

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One thing many people don’t consider about Canada is the weather other than the cold. Other than the cold, Canada has many more tornadoes than the United States and these are something you must be prepared for. Window replacement is almost always necessary in Canadian homes where tornadoes occur. Northern Comfort Windows & Doors Ltd. is a company that does window replacement in Newmarket up in Canada is a great example of a company that sees an increase in business after twisters touch down.

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Getting In

While you make think that moving to Canada is a great idea, they may not actually want you there. Canada welcomes visitors with open arms, but they are more leery of transplants moving into the country. Most people that move to Canada have family there or have a job-related reason to be there. Otherwise, you must follow Canada’s points system for residency.



Whether you are moving to Canada for personal reasons or for a job, it is important to remember all aspects. As with everything, Canada has good and bad sides that must be weighed heavily before making the decision to move there.

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