Moving To The Country: 4 Things To Consider If You’re Moving To A More Rural Area

If you currently live in a large city or suburban area and you’re considering moving to the country, then you definitely need to prepare yourself for the major changes that you’re going to experience. Life in the country is drastically different from living in city or suburb, and these differences are mostly positive.

Lack of lights

Unlike cities and suburban areas, rural areas often have fewer street lights. If you’re used to the abundance of lights present in urban and suburban areas, then lack of lights at night in rural areas night surprise or even scare you. For some people who move from larger cities to smaller, more rural areas, minimal lights during the night never bothers them.


Distance from stores

Many homes in the country are significant distances from conveniences like grocery stores, shopping malls and even doctor’s offices. For people who have lived in rural areas before, this is no big deal, yet for someone who is used to living within walking distance of numerous restaurants and grocery stores, it might take some getting used to. Driving 15 or 20 miles to get to a grocery store isn’t very desirable when you just need a gallon of milk or loaf of bread, but many people feel that the benefits of country life far outweigh any travel inconveniences.

Unwanted furry critters

Although country living can be relaxing in most cases, unwanted visits from furry critters might not be so relaxing. Everyone knows that animals like possums, bats, skunks and similar animals prefer living in rural area because of more food and habitat choices. Columbus exterminators has said that due to the increased instances of such critters living in wooded areas, it is more likely that they will enter your home, unannounced and uninvited.


Transportation challenges

If you are used to living in a large city with ample public transportation, then you may be dismayed to discover that most rural towns don’t have public transportation systems. This could be greatly inconvenient if you don’t have a vehicle, but if you have a vehicle or access to one, then lack of public transportation shouldn’t affect you.


Lack of neighbors

This can be positive or negative, depending on how you feel about having neighbors. Some people enjoy living in the country, away from a nosy next door neighbor who involves him or herself in all of your personal affairs. Others like having neighbors nearby for support as well as friendship. Even if you feel not having neighbors nearby would be ideal, then it might initially be somewhat of a shock to move to the country with no one else nearby except for a cow or two, but you should soon get used to it.


Whether you ultimately decide moving to the country or not, if you’ve never lived in a rural area before, then you need to consider the many different challenges that you might be faced with. Some people consider the prevalence of critters like raccoons, bats, possums, and skunks possibly invading their homes to be the most undesirable aspect of living in the country. However, as long as you ensure that you find a good exterminator ahead of time, then your risk of encountering any annoying pests at your new rural residence will be significantly reduced. Exterminators can check your home’s crawlspaces and/or basement, which are common places that animals use to enter homes. By checking these parts of your home, experienced exterminators can identify areas where pests are likely to enter your home and secure them.

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