Need to Move Quickly? 4 Ways to Speed Up Your Home Sale

It is unpleasant to be stuck in the tough spot of needing to pack up and move fast. Perhaps you got a surprise job offer or need to move to be closer to family. Whatever the reason, there are techniques you can employ to ensure your house sells faster.

Work With A Real Estate Agent

Most home sellers should work with a real estate agent for all the benefits these professionals provide. An agent will give you all sorts of advice regarding staging, pricing and repairs. They also know the right channels through which to market a home so more prospective buyers will see it. If your agent knows you need to move and want to sell quickly, they will alter their advice and strategy.

Lower The Price

No one wants to lower the price on their house, but if it has been sitting on the market for awhile and you need to move, it is a valid strategy to employ. Perhaps you priced the home too high to begin with, perhaps you are trying to sell in a buyer’s market or perhaps you are inadvertently sabotaging your chances of selling. A price drop can attract new buyers who may finally take the step of making an offer.

Sell The Home For Cash

Specifically favoring cash buyers will help you sell quickly because a cash sale can go much faster than a sale where the buyer needs to secure financing. It is also possible to sell my house fast for cash. Investors or house flippers will make cash offers on your home and take care of the majority of the closing process for you, allowing you to sell quickly and have more time to prepare for your impending move.

Offer A Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Pre-listing home inspections are becoming more common, particularly in hot markets. This is where the seller has an inspection on the home done before listing it on the market. Doing this can speed up the sale process because buyers will trust the results of the report as well as the proof, usually receipts, that you did any necessary work on the home.

Home sellers occasionally need to sell their properties fast. Before beginning the process, they should familiarize themselves with how long it usually takes and then look for ways to speed the various steps up. With the right strategy you will increase your chances of selling fast and being able to move as soon as possible.

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