New Sawdust: Most Popular Home Designs This Year

When building a dream home, one of the greatest challenges is trying to decide on the actual design that will be used. For many homeowners, hundreds of hours might be spent looking over plans, comparing different options, and combining blueprints to make the perfect house. To make the selection process easier, this article will outline some of the leading home design styles that are used on some of the best new homes being built today.

Cape Cod

New Sawdust Most Popular Home Designs This Year 1
Popular for hundreds of years, these homes certainly don’t look like they will be going out of style anytime soon. Of the homes constructed last year, cape cods were one of the most popular design types seen. These homes are especially popular in the northeastern United States where they are considered to be a traditional style. Combining dormer windows and peaked roofs, these are beautiful homes capable of handling even the toughest winters.

Log Cabins

New Sawdust Most Popular Home Designs This Year 2
Although these have been popular for hundreds of years and a staple of American culture and history, modern-day log cabins are becoming increasingly popular. These homes carry the advantages of expressing a unique architectural style, representing American tradition, and also the surrounding area culture. When building a log cabin home, it is important to keep in mind that logs will need to be trimmed down to size on-site. Therefore, an Ontario trucking and disposal service recommends getting a garbage bin rental from Toronto that can hold a variety of sizes in waste.

New Sawdust Most Popular Home Designs This Year 3
Also known as modern architecture, these homes have been around for a couple of decades now, and continue to be popular. Some of these homes are incorporating advanced technology to make them even more enjoyable. For example, some innovative homeowners are taking advantage of their flat surfaces to incorporate touch screens and digital displays right on the walls. For tech-savvy individuals, a contemporary home might be a great choice.


New Sawdust Most Popular Home Designs This Year 4
Yet another traditional home style, modern homes built this way are often some of the most prestigious on the market. These combine refined excellence with a style that blends into good neighborhoods throughout the United States seamlessly. These are especially popular in places with moderate climates, such as California and New York. The signature style of a colonial home is the symmetry, which often extends even to the garage.

For homeowners looking to build a home, the above choices are a great place to start. Since many of these home designs have been popular for hundreds of years, homeowners can rest assured that these designs will not be going out of style anytime soon.

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