No Wasted Space: Learn To Maximize The Square Footage In Your Home

A housing shortage across the nation is sending housing prices through the roof. It’s also causing homeowners to want to maximize every square foot of space in their home. From unique storage solutions to making non-living space more functional, here are 5 ways to maximize the square footage of your home. 


Even small spaces appear much larger when they are filled with fewer items. Not only will decluttering help increase your space, but it can also have an impact on your mental health. Numerous studies have shown a strong link between clutter and depression, so what frees up your space might also free your mind. 

Maximize storage

There are a number of great storage solutions that can help you turn wasted space into usable space. From the space under your stairs to the space over your head, finding creative solutions for storage will also help you maximize your space. 

Revamp the garage

Garages are no longer a place just to park your car. Places like Raynor Door Company can help you replace that junk door to revamp your garage.  From deluxe wall storage units to high tech resin coatings for your floor, you can transform your garage into a multi-purpose space. From game room to man cave to entertainment space, your garage can do far more than just shelter your vehicle. Maximizing storage place on the walls and even on the ceiling in the garage you can organize your storage, opening more room inside of the house for living space.

Finish the basement or attic

When you create more storage space in unused spaces, you can transform traditional storage areas like attics or basements into functional space. Any spaces in your home that can’t be turned into functional living space can be used for storage. Any space that can be used as functional living space shouldn’t be used for storage. 

Use height

One trick to maximizing your space and even making small spaces appear larger is to use space all the way to the ceiling. Floor to ceiling bookcases can hold far more items than traditional 6 foot bookcases and create a bold statement. Hang curtains or drapes from the ceiling rather than the top of the window to create the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors also help open up space, so a free-standing floor-to-ceiling mirror can do double duty. 

No matter how large or small your space may be there are always ways to use it more effectively. If your house is starting to feel small or cramped, instead of moving to get more space, you can often create it right where you are.

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